China News Service, Haikou, February 8 (Reporter Zhang Qianyi) Recently, Duan Aizhen, an elderly man in his 70s from Xi'an, lived a fulfilling and happy life in Gongheyuan, Haikou Successfully Retirement Home. Making clay, writing calligraphy, singing, playing the piano, and holding reading clubs, nursing staff take care of her daily life, and medical teams treat her illness. Duan Aizhen said that she has gone from "retirement care" to "enjoyment of old age."

On February 7, the elderly in Xiaoci Garden of Winbond Wonderful Home (Haikou) were carrying out cultural activities. Photo by Chen Yingqing

  As the aging of the population accelerates, people's demand for elderly care services is also growing. It is now the peak tourist season in Hainan. Many elderly care institutions in Hainan have launched diversified and personalized services around "medical care" and "health care" to meet the care needs of "migratory bird" elderly people.

  "Families come here to check in, and they can reunite at any time." Duan Aizhen said that in addition to meeting the needs of "migratory bird" elderly people to reunite with their families, the nursing home where she works has also launched a "hotel tour, recuperation vacation, medical assistance, etc." Play" and "nurture" resort-style services.

  Technology empowerment, smart elderly care. Currently, Hainan's elderly care institutions are focusing on the physical condition of the elderly through the introduction of technological means and advanced technological equipment, thereby improving their care capabilities.

  Miao Qiang, director of Winbond Wonderful Home (Haikou) Xiaociyuan, a senior care institution that combines medical and nursing care, said that the institution’s elderly rooms are equipped with intelligent equipment that can monitor the elderly’s falls and other situations at any time. In addition, through the background monitoring data of smart devices, the elderly's sleep, blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, etc. can also be observed.

  As the only "medical special zone" in China, Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone is a popular destination for medical tourism. Boao Yiling Life Care Center, located in the pilot area, has seen an increasing number of patients in recent years. According to the staff, the center has far-infrared thermal imaging detectors, meridian detectors, agarwood ancient prescription therapy and other new traditional Chinese medicine therapies to choose from. From dietary nutrition care, sports care, functional nutrition care to comprehensive medical care, it can provide Come to multi-faceted disease prevention and management.

  Hainan continues to improve the construction of the elderly health service system, and has issued the "Hainan Province Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of Aging and Elderly Care Service System (2023-2025)" to support medical, health and elderly care service institutions in developing integrated medical and elderly care services.

  At present, the elderly care service industry is developing in the direction of specialization and refinement. New services and new positions in elderly care are constantly emerging, becoming a new choice for attracting young people to find employment. Hainan actively promotes the cultivation of new talents in elderly care services: setting up undergraduate and junior college majors related to elderly care services, launching vocational skills competitions, and supporting new careers in elderly care services... The "rising sun" guards the "sunset", and more young professionals enter the elderly care service industry and become An important force in the development of the industry.

  "Nearly 50% of Xiaociyuan's residents are young people born after 1995, and there are also some caregivers born after 2000." Miao Qiang said that young caregivers are highly professional, more receptive to new technologies, and have higher service levels.

  Huang Kejing, a caregiver born in the 1990s, said that his daily job is to take care of the elderly who are completely bedridden and help them with daily care. "Although it is tiring sometimes, I think it helps them in a real sense and also allows me to find the value of life." (over)