The specialist noted that the temperature in the capital is predicted to be 10-12 degrees below normal.

“The weather in Moscow is abnormally cold, both today and on Saturday. Temperatures will simply be close to extremely high, 10-12 degrees below normal. Specifically, on Friday night it will be -15...-20 °C, and daytime temperatures will be -10...-15 °C. On Saturday night it is expected to be -22...-24 °C, in the region - up to -27 °C. During the day it will also be from -11...-13 °C, in the region up to -15 °C. On Sunday the weather is just as cold,” Vilfand said.

According to him, no precipitation is expected over the weekend. 

Earlier, leading specialist at the Phobos weather center, Mikhail Leus, spoke about record snowdrifts in Moscow.