Bayer 04 Leverkusen is the team of the moment in German football. On Tuesday she moved into the DFB semi-finals, she is top of the table, and on Saturday there is the top game against Bayern Munich. The club's soaring shows the role that professional management can play even in football.

Fernando Carro

(59), CEO of the football company, had a decades-long career in the media group Bertelsmann before moving to the medium-sized company in Leverkusen. His trickiest task: How can the imponderables on the pitch – the fact that millimeters sometimes make the difference between success and failure – be contained as much as possible through professional management?

Christoph Neßhöver, reporter for manager magazin, followed Carro for weeks and identified his success factors. Building a real understanding of the team in order to cope with setbacks, professional personnel development in order to enable permanent improvement in performance - all managers who are navigating uncertain terrain with their company can learn something from Carro's recipes.

Carro also has an impact beyond Bayer 04. He is one of the driving forces behind bringing financial investors into the Bundesliga product and thus making it part of the international entertainment industry. How exactly does Carro act, what is his plan - and why is he currently on the way to permanently becoming the most powerful man in German football? Christoph Neßhöver provides information about this in this podcast in conversation with editor-in-chief Sven Clausen.

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