China News Service, Quanzhou, February 8th (Sun Hong, Zhang Weijian) The 2024 New Year's Eve dinner for Chinese and foreign teachers and students of Huaqiao University was held simultaneously at the Quanzhou campus and Xiamen campus on the 8th. The teachers and students staying at the school for the New Year shared the New Year's Eve dinner and celebrated the New Year happily.

  Boiled sea shrimp, salt-baked chicken, steamed gentian fish, red mushroom and pork belly soup, braised noodles... "Last year the school prepared a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner set, and this year it's a different experience to go back to the traditional dining around the table. "Li Jiannong, a senior student from Malaysia, told China News Service that this was his second time staying at school for the New Year. He wanted to leave more memories in school and in Quanzhou before graduating.

On the evening of February 8, Malaysian student Li Jiannong of Huaqiao University (front left) received the New Year’s money distributed by the school leaders. Photo by Zhang Weijian

  As a third-generation overseas Chinese, Li Jiannong said that his understanding of the New Year's Eve dinner since he was a child is that reunion is the most important theme. After staying in school, I found that gathering with classmates from all over the world made the New Year undiminished and warmer. "The festival atmosphere is stronger here, especially in southern Fujian. The thick fireworks during the Spring Festival impressed me deeply."

  As one of the universities in China that recruits and trains the largest number of students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas, Huaqiao University has nearly 470 students staying on campus for the New Year this year, including more than 340 overseas students from Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Tajikistan and other countries and area. In order to allow teachers and students who stayed on campus during the winter vacation to have a warm and joyful New Year, Huaqiao University has held welcome dinners for Chinese and foreign teachers and students for more than 30 consecutive years.

  In addition to preparing sumptuous dishes, the leaders of Huaqiao University also distributed New Year's money to the students on the spot. After receiving the red envelopes, which symbolize prosperity, the students took photos one after another to share the joy of the festival with their family and friends.

On the evening of February 8, Myanmar student Zhou Linhui of Huaqiao University (front, second from left) shared the New Year’s Eve dinner arranged by the school with her classmates. Photo by Zhang Weijian

  Zhou Linhui, a sophomore from Myanmar, spent the New Year in China for the first time. "I feel very happy. The school and teachers are so attentive and make us feel the warmth of home."

  For overseas students, staying in school for the New Year is also a good opportunity to have close contact with traditional Chinese culture. "I want to take a walk around the ancient city of Quanzhou to experience the Chinese New Year immersively and deepen my understanding of southern Fujian culture." Zhou Linhui said. (over)