China News Service, Guangzhou, February 8th: Title: Train Spring Festival Gala: "Bringing home closer, making the heart warmer"

  Author Cheng Sijia Li Qian Guo Jun

  "Wow, Mom, let's go to the Spring Festival Gala with Little Golden Dragon!" On February 7, the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month, on the K1095 train from Chongqing North to Guangzhou Baiyun, a little boy in purple excitedly said "Little Golden Dragon" "The tail said to the parents on the side.

  "The golden dragon brings blessings!" Conductor Zhang Shicheng shuttled between the carriages wearing a little golden dragon doll costume. Everyone was smiling wherever he went. Passengers in the carriages sent blessings to each other, and the spirit of the New Year flowed everywhere.

On February 7, the Spring Festival Gala was held on the K1095 train from Chongqing North to Guangzhou Baiyun. Photo courtesy of Guangzhou Railway Group

  "Welcome everyone to board the train operated by the Huizhou West Line fleet of the Guangzhou-Kowloon Passenger Transport Section. The Spring Festival celebration has officially begun!" New Year's music sounded, and the No. 9 dining car was decorated with lights and joy. Conductor Liu Gang and the passengers sang "China in the Lights" "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and "Good Days", passengers waved and raised signs to the beat of the music. Everyone took out their mobile phones to take photos and videos to record the beautiful moments.

  Youthful and dynamic dances, humorous and joyful skits, clear and distant flute sounds... wonderful programs were presented one after another, and laughter continued in the carriage. The beautiful scenery of Zhangjiajie outside the window was like a moving picture, and the window grilles with the Chinese characters "Fu" and the beautiful scenery intertwined to form the most beautiful journey.

  "It's so warm and proud to see our Miao people dancing on the train. It's a familiar feeling from my hometown." Ms. Yang, a college student who returned to her hometown of Taoyuan, recorded the whole process. Conductor Xiao Hui, who was wearing Miao ethnic costumes, danced gracefully under the red dragon flowers, and her colorful ethnic costumes were decorated with silver jewelry. Passengers were all infected by her warm and sweet smile and stood up to applaud her.

  After some singing and dancing, the little golden dragon appeared and interacted closely with the passengers. "Excuse me, how much wine can I bring?" "Uncle, can I take my little dog back to Chongqing after the Chinese New Year?"...The little golden dragon was surrounded by enthusiastic travelers and became a "living rule" "To answer your questions.

  "Here, here are the cartoon Year of the Dragon keychains for you. Take a few more and give them to your family as auspicious gifts." In the corner of the dining car, host Liu Lei presented keychains carefully prepared by the bus team to three special audiences.

  These three special spectators were "visually impaired" passengers. After the train conductor Zhou Xu learned that they purchased unseating tickets, he invited them to the dining car to take special care of them. "This is our first time to 'watch' the Spring Festival Gala live. Although we can't see it, we heard everyone's warm blessings and the joy of the New Year. The journey home this time is particularly different. Thank you." Passenger Mr. Sun held Liu Lei's hand tightly.

  "I want it too. Can I take one more to give to my brother?" Train conductor Lu Zishuai brought a large plate of keys to everyone, and the children cheered and gathered around.

  "China is in the same arms, and we wish our motherland well..." the last chorus of the train Spring Festival Gala "Unforgettable Tonight" sounded, and everyone's faces were filled with happy smiles, immersed in a different kind of New Year flavor.

  "Come on, let me take a New Year's 'family portrait' for you!" Thousands of lights were on outside the window, and the train was running towards home. Mr. Shi, a tourist who knows photography, raised his camera to freeze this beautiful moment into eternity. (over)