China News Service, Fuzhou, February 9th (Pan Weifeng and Wu Zongwei) The Spring Festival is approaching, and law enforcement officers from the Mawei Work Station of the Fuzhou Coast Guard are on duty up the river to protect thousands of families.

  The jurisdiction of the Mawei Work Station of the Fuzhou Coast Guard Bureau extends from Minjiang Jingjiang in the west to Zhuzhu Reef in the east, with a sea area of ​​138.7 square kilometers. As the Spring Festival approaches, the Fuzhou Coast Guard Mawei Work Station cruises in this area for more than 10 hours every day, sailing hundreds of nautical miles to build a safety barrier in the Minjiang River.

Fuzhou Coast Guard law enforcement officers still insist on patrolling in foggy weather. Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Coast Guard

  As the captain of the law enforcement boat of the workstation, Wang Tingge drove the motorboat through the waves, crossing the Minjiang Bridge, passing through the fishing net area, crossing the Sichuan Stone Island, and exiting the Minjiang Estuary... Maritime cruising is like a land-based public security 110 patrol car walking through the streets. Like alleys, you can learn about the security situation at sea and escort fishing and boat people.

Affected by the heavy fog, Wang Tingge used a megaphone to remind his colleagues to avoid fishing boats. Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Coast Guard

  On the evening of February 5, due to the influence of cold air, thick fog shrouded the Minjiang River, with visibility less than 100 meters. Wang Tingge drove the boat as usual and reminded his colleagues through the ship's loudspeaker to strengthen their lookouts and pay attention to passing ships to ensure safe navigation. Wang Tingge said: "Some lawless elements often take advantage of bad weather such as rain and fog to engage in smuggling and other illegal and criminal activities at sea. We cannot take it lightly." That night, after comparing and analyzing radar signals, Wang Tingge and his colleagues found out that they were in the waters near Hujiang Island. A suspected smuggling ship was successfully seized and approximately 5 tons of refined oil was seized.

On the evening of February 5, law enforcement officers from the Mawei Work Station of Fuzhou Coast Guard inspected a suspected smuggling ship. Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Coast Guard

  Huang Hualin is Wang Tingge's "apprentice". Although he is young, he has rich experience in joining gangs and anti-smuggling at sea. In December last year, he and two colleagues risked their lives to forcefully board a fishing boat that was violently resisting the law. The three of them took control of 11 suspects on board. "I didn't think much about it at the time, but in retrospect I was still a little scared. But even if I do it a hundred times, I will still be the first to join the gang." Huang Hualin said.

  Like the "young" team of the Coast Guard, the law enforcement officers in this workstation are very young, with an average age of less than 24 years old. "Everyone's safety awareness tends to slacken during the holidays. We will conduct safety inspections at fishing rafts, docks and other places along the way every day to ensure that everyone can have a safe and peaceful holiday." said law enforcement officer Liu Minyang.

Fuzhou Coast Guard law enforcement officers Liu Minyang (left) and Huang Hualin (right) learned about the situation from the on-site management staff of the dredging project of the Langqi Port Passenger Terminal to Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Fuzhou Coast Guard

  "How has the construction been in the past two days? Can it be completed as planned in mid-to-late February?" When it is Liu Minyang's turn to be on duty, he and his colleagues will board the engineering ship carrying out dredging at the Langqi Port Passenger Terminal to Taiwan to learn about the project in real time latest progress. It has also become an indispensable link to check crew certificates, pollution prevention and other conditions, and to urge construction workers to do a good job in safe production and fire and electricity prevention.

  It is understood that the project started in July last year, with a planned dredging of 80,000 cubic meters, and was completed in February this year. After the completion of the project, it will help improve the berthing efficiency of passenger ships to Taiwan and support the development of the "Two Ma" (Mazu to Fuzhou Mawei) route.

  "Do you know the phone number of our coast guard?"

  "I know, 95110, please save me Yaoyao Ling." At the Lianjiang Hujiangdao pier, the fishing boat "Lian Guantou 1128" was docked at the pier. Captain Yu Zhenchao and several crew members were sorting shrimps, crabs, etc. that had just been fished ashore. After hearing the greetings from law enforcement officer Li Wei, Lao Yu stood up and answered with a smile.

  "Lao Yu, the Chinese New Year is almost here. We brought some Spring Festival couplets and lanterns to help you decorate..."

  February 1 is the 3rd anniversary of the promulgation and implementation of the Coast Guard Law of the People's Republic of China. During the "two festivals", law enforcement officers will use their breaks to enter fishing villages, board piers, and board fishing rafts to continue to publicize coast guard laws and regulations and help them learn Use legal means to safeguard your legitimate rights and interests. (over)