China News Service, Chongqing, February 8th: "Zodiac Dragon" is popular in the New Year's market and the Chinese New Year's national trend consumption "fans" Generation Z

  Author Huang Weizheng

  The hard-to-find "dragon coins", adorable dragon-shaped dolls, couplets for the Year of the Dragon that bring wealth and blessings... As the Spring Festival approaches, from large supermarkets to e-commerce platforms, various "dragon element" New Year products light up the New Year In the consumer market, the zodiac economy continues to be popular.

  On the 8th, reporters saw a dazzling array of clothing and accessories printed with the "Chinese Dragon" pattern in a large shopping mall in Chongqing Cuntan International New Town Fashion Consumer Area. Some national fashion brands use "Zodiac Dragon" as their design theme, integrating it with prosperous traditional elements to express people's beautiful imagination for the New Year.

The picture shows a down jacket containing "dragon elements" placed in a prominent position. Photo by Huang Weizheng

  "The new zodiac sign represents the beginning of the new year, which means everything is renewed. The good luck of zodiac-themed products makes people happy." Bai Xue, a college student born after 2000, said that winter clothes with thickened velvet and "Jiachen Dragon" elements are fashionable and unique. The Chinese style gives the "little potatoes" from the Southwest a sense of warmth and calmness when venturing into the "Great Northeast".

  Climbing up the stairs, you will find a home furnishing mall that is equally festive. Textiles and ornaments containing elements such as dragons and persimmons are very popular among customers. Chen Mingjing, the marketing manager of the mall, said that in order to meet people's diverse needs such as home decoration and gifts for relatives and friends, IKEA has launched decorations, tableware and kitchenware with traditional Chinese elements for citizens to choose from.

  "Integrating the dragon shape into cushions and leisure rugs is inspired by traditional dragon dance culture and aims to show unique decorative elements in folk art." Designer Lian Zhelin said that the dragon is a beloved zodiac sign in traditional Chinese culture and represents With good luck and strength, we hope to share the beauty with consumers in a fun and relaxed way.

The picture shows home products containing traditional elements such as the zodiac dragon. Photo by Huang Weizheng

  The brand-new display truss and exhibition signs are inlaid with New Year elements such as blessing characters, lanterns, and kites. In Chongqing Lijia Smart Park, the "Painting Tour Along the River During the Qingming Festival - Forbidden City Immersive Art Exhibition" and "Dragon Walking Tour Pepsichi" New Year activities were recently launched, adding a festive atmosphere to local cultural and museum consumption. Here, traditional cultural elements are intertwined with digital technology, and as light and shadow dance, the famous masterpiece "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" "comes into motion" on the high-definition giant screen and immersive theater.

  As the Spring Festival approaches, the exhibition hall launches the "One Table of Auspiciousness" stamping activity, selecting 30 traditional auspicious patterns, divided into four series: fortune, fortune, longevity and happiness, which are composed of traditional Chinese historical allusions, myths and legends, folk customs and language arts. Through the comprehensive integration, visitors can choose the corresponding series of patterns to stamp, and then send auspicious and heart-warming blessings to relatives and friends.

The picture shows people experiencing the stamping activity. Photo by Huang Weizheng

  "Dragon Trend" is popular offline as well as online. The reporter browsed the e-commerce platform and learned that the Year of the Dragon Spring Festival couplet sets, themed calendars, and dolls have trendy designs and low prices, and are favored by young people.

  "Hundred Festivals are the first year", and making new year's goods is a custom that has been passed down by Chinese people for thousands of years. In the Jiachen Year of the Dragon New Year goods market, there are also many virtual goods that have been included in the shopping lists of the new generation of consumers. Among them, electronic New Year goods are particularly eye-catching.

  "During the Chinese New Year, people are celebrating and buying happiness and the pursuit of a better life." Fan Guosheng, associate professor at the School of Literature and Journalism at Chongqing University of Humanities and Sciences, said that the twelve zodiac animals have rich cultural connotations in traditional Chinese culture. The "dragon element" New Year's goods "out of the circle" reflects the Chinese people's good expectations for peace and prosperity in the coming year. Merchants can better cater to the preferences of young people in the visual design of New Year's goods for the Year of the Dragon, make full use of virtual technologies such as AR, AI, and VR, and seize the business opportunities of the "Dragon Economy" through cross-border cooperation, IP co-branding, cartoon customization, etc. (over)