China News Service, Ningde, February 9 (Lin Rongsheng and Wang Qili) As the Spring Festival approaches, Chen Yingzhen, a Taiwanese compatriot who has been rooted in Fuding City, Ningde, Fujian Province for 11 years, has also begun to get busy. The store carefully selects the Chinese character "福" and sticks the character "福" on the door together with the family, making the whole family happy.

On February 8, Chen Yingzhen (left) and her family were shopping for new year goods in the supermarket. Photo by Shi Yao

  Chen Yingzhen, from Taoyuan City, Taiwan, met and fell in love with her husband while traveling in Thailand many years ago. In 2012, she chose to follow her husband to the mainland and settled down in Fuding City. More than ten years have passed, and now, Chen Yingzhen has already integrated into local life, sharing every detail of life with the residents here.

  "I have been married to Fuding for 11 years. I was not used to celebrating the New Year here at first. Everyone would set off fireworks and firecrackers on New Year's Eve. It was so lively that it felt like Fuding was going to explode." Chen Yingzhen said, after slowly getting used to it, Now I am also looking forward to the arrival of 12 o'clock on New Year's Eve. I find it very interesting to cheer and welcome the New Year with my family amidst the sound of firecrackers.

  Speaking of the "taste of the New Year", in Chen Yingzhen's opinion, the first thing is the delicious food at the New Year's Eve dinner. "Common dishes on Taiwan's New Year's Eve dinner include Buddha Jumping Over the Wall, Shredded Pig's Trotters and Bamboo Shoots, Braised Lion's Head, Carrot Cake, etc. Among them, Buddha Jumping Over the Wall is a more classic dish on New Year's Eve dinner, which has the meaning of good fortune and longevity." Chen Yingzhen said, Fuding There will be more seafood on the side, "and it's also delicious."

  Surrounding the fire, watching the Spring Festival Gala, watching the New Year's Eve, handing out red envelopes... After the New Year's Eve dinner every year, Chen Yingzhen often talks with her husband and children about the New Year customs of the two places, and watches the Spring Festival Gala with her family. She said that this was an experience she had never had in Taiwan, and it made her feel a strong sense of Chinese New Year and family affection.

On February 8, Chen Yingzhen’s family had a video call with her family in Taiwan and sent her New Year blessings. Photo by Shi Yao

  In Fuding, Chen Yingzhen worked as a kindergarten teacher, English teacher, and picture book library lecturer. Because she had learned piano since she was a child, she eventually chose to be a piano teacher. Her husband was good at playing guitar, so they opened a studio together with more than 40 students. Chen Yingzhen often takes her children to perform on stage and play and sing outdoors. Her lively teaching methods make children happy to accept her.

  Chen Yingzhen said that the studio has been in operation for four years now and she loves this job very much. Not only can she do what she likes, but she can also take care of her family. "Although life is simple and ordinary, I feel wonderful inside the ordinary. I am very happy here."

  This year is Chen Yingzhen’s twelfth Spring Festival in mainland China. Like previous years, she will send New Year greetings to her family in Taiwan through WeChat videos and send them New Year blessings. "During the Spring Festival, I plan to visit relatives' houses with my family and walk around the surrounding areas. Then I will prepare to start work and continue working hard in the new year." Chen Yingzhen said. (over)