China News Service, Hohhot, February 9th: Young people living in affordable housing: Choose a city because of a home

  Author Shang Hongbo Liang Liang

  After cleaning the house and wiping the windows, washing the bed sheets and quilt covers, and pasting Spring Festival couplets on the windows... On the morning of New Year's Eve, looking at the cozy little home with clean windows after a few days, Su Kaili happily locked the door and set off for Inner Mongolia. In another city, Baotou, I reunited with my parents to spend the holidays.

The picture shows Su Kaili tidying up and decorating her home after get off work in the evening on the eve of the Spring Festival. Photo by Liang Liang

  "I have been renting for four years, and this year I feel like home for the first time in a rented affordable housing (full name "affordable rental housing")," Su Kaili said.

  Although it is a low-income housing, this house is not ordinary. It is a high-quality house specially prepared by the Xincheng District Government of Hohhot City for college students to stay in Hohhot.

  These houses are either "famous communities" with complete infrastructure and well-established community grid management in central Hohhot, or they are youth communities with convenient transportation, beautiful environment, trendy decoration and complete functions. Those who live here and enjoy the rent reduction and exemption policy are the high-level talents and college graduates that Hohhot wants to retain.

  People are the foundation of industry and the core of city. On August 28, 2023, Hohhot City issued and implemented the "18 Measures to Attract and Retain People in Hohhot" based on the implementation of the "10 New Deals for Talents", focusing on the two major groups of young college students and staff coming to Hohhot, and focusing on their Focusing on the areas of greatest concern such as employment, housing, education, medical care, and convenient services, 18 specific measures were proposed.

  In the "Implementation Rules for the Entry and Exit of the Affordable Rental Housing of the Hohhot Municipal People's Government Office", the reporter saw that high-level talents and college graduates who have not received housing rental subsidies from the human resources and social security departments who rent affordable rental housing can enjoy rent relief. High-level talents (including doctoral students and above), master's students, and undergraduates are exempted from rent by 100%, 50%, and 30% respectively.

  Su Kaili is a beneficiary of this series of policies.

  Four years ago, Su Kaili became a nephrologist in a hospital in Hohhot after graduating from university. Although her job was satisfactory, the financial pressure of renting a house and several unpleasant encounters with landlords made her consider "retreating home to find her parents." In 2023, she found her current house through the "Qingcheng House Rental" platform. Not only is there a subway for work, but she also enjoys a rent reduction policy. The 80-square-meter house has two bedrooms and one living room with complete facilities. She and her good friends each earn 600 per month. Yuan won easily.

  What also makes Su Kaili feel warm is the elder sister of the community grid worker. “The biggest fear of getting sick when I go out alone is that once I had a fever, it was the elder sister of the community grid worker who came to my house to deliver medicine and meals to me, which made me feel sick for the first time. I feel the love that the city of Hohhot has for me.”

  "Of course there are other reasons that make me sure that this is my 'ideal house'. In the new city, there are many delicious, fun and shopping places." Su Kaili said with a smile, "You can usually go to the night market in the evening , eat late-night snacks and relax. You can also take the bus to climb Daqingshan Mountain on weekends, which is really comfortable. Last summer, during the Annbao Music Festival and Jay Chou's concert, my friends from my hometown came to visit me and they all said that I am here. An outstanding person. Beier has face."

  Wei Yingnan, who has worked in Hohhot for 8 years, did not rush to buy a ticket to return home this year like in previous years. Instead, he happily decorated his own happy home. This is an affordable housing she applied for in August 2023.

The picture shows Wei Yingnan decorating her small home. Photo by Liang Liang

  Wei Yingnan smiled and used the word "fate" when talking about her experience of being able to live here.

  "I was originally planning to leave Hohhot, but now I am very satisfied with my life here." The community where Wei Yingnan lives is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Xinhua Street, with convenient transportation and complete living services. It is only ten minutes away from her workplace. drive. In her words, being able to live here is the happiest thing for her in 2023.

  Wei Yingnan calculated such an account and found that the price of affordable housing itself is lower than the market price, which is about 70% of the market price. On this basis, as a graduate, she will also receive a 50% reduction in rent. In this way, she can save nearly half of her rent every month, and there is no deposit problem for affordable housing, and check-out is simple and convenient.

  Wei Yingnan's hometown is thousands of miles away. As the only daughter of her parents, her living situation naturally affects their parents' hearts. But after her parents came to see her, they no longer wanted her to go back to her hometown. Now that her job is satisfactory and her relationship with her boyfriend is stable, it has become her New Year's resolution to take root in Hohhot.

The picture shows Wei Yingnan putting the word "Fu" on the door of the affordable housing she rents. Photo by Liang Liang

  A personal "small ledger" is connected to the big ledger of people's livelihood. There are more and more young people like Wei Yingnan living happily in Hohhot, and their lives are becoming more and more enjoyable.

  Xue Lidong, deputy director of the Xincheng District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Hohhot City, said that in order to solve the worries of college students' employment and entrepreneurship and truly enable college students to stay, work well and have a career in Hohhot, more than 1,300 houses have been raised in the Xincheng District alone. At present, More than 570 houses have been put on the market, and more than 200 houses will be put online in the near future for young talents to rent. (over)