During the Spring Festival travel period, the police reminded——

  Beware of the trap of “cancellation or change” of air tickets

  A telecommunications fraud left Xiao Li still in fear.

  A while ago, Xiao Li received a flight delay text message and had his ticket refunded for his flight from Nanchong, Sichuan to Xiamen, Fujian. A few days later, he suddenly received a strange phone call, saying that he wanted to compensate Xiao Li for the flight delay fee. "The other party claimed to be an airline employee, and the flight information and identity information were correct. I didn't think much about it and believed it." Xiao Li recalled.

  During the communication process, the other party stated that the 300 yuan compensation could only be settled through the public account. Immediately afterwards, the other party induced Xiao Li to download a chat software called "Conference" and enabled mobile phone screen sharing on it. Subsequently, the other party asked Xiao Li to transfer the money on his bank card to the bank account provided by the airline on the grounds of opening public-to-private account transfer permissions and clearing bank account balances.

  "The whole process was intertwined. It wasn't until Xiao Li transferred more than 160,000 yuan that he realized he had been deceived and reported the case to the police." Chen Qiuquan, deputy captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Jialing District Branch of Nanchong Public Security Bureau, said this is a typical case Many passengers have been deceived by the ticket "cancellation and rebooking" scam. The fraudsters first use illegal channels to obtain the victim's name, ID number, boarding time, flight schedule and other information. Before the victim boarding the plane, they pretend to be an airline, ticket booking website or travel agency staff to contact the victim and contact them through accurate Defraud the victim's trust by providing them with flight information.

  "After initially gaining trust, fraudsters will usually take the initiative to offer 'refund' or 'claim settlement' for reasons such as 'flight delay' or 'ticket change'. They will also use the guise of verifying account information, ticket purchase records, etc. to induce the victim to provide bank card number or Accept screen sharing, and then lead the victim step by step into the preset trap, and finally transfer the funds." Chen Qiuquan said.

  During the Spring Festival travel rush, mass travel reaches its peak. In order to prevent ticket "cancellation and rebooking" scams, Nanchong police remind you to purchase tickets through formal platforms and official websites. Do not click on unfamiliar ticket purchase links or credulously believe in low-price ticket purchase information. When receiving calls or information such as "flight delay" or "ticket change", you must carefully verify it through the airline's official phone number, website and other channels. In addition, do not easily accept anyone's request for mobile phone screen sharing, keep your personal ID card, bank card, transaction verification code and other information properly, and do not provide it to others at will to avoid being deceived. (People's Daily reporter You Yi)