Ahead of Valentine's Day, the windows of the observation deck at Kaikyo Yume Tower in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is considered a sacred place for lovers, are being cleaned so that visiting couples can see the beautiful scenery. Ta.

Kaikyo Yume Tower in Shimonoseki City has a matchmaking shrine in its observation deck 143 meters above the ground, making it a date spot where lovers can find happiness.

It has been certified as a sacred place by the NPO organization as part of the ``Lover's Sanctuary Project,'' and is visited by many couples every year on Valentine's Day.

Ahead of Valentine's Day on the 14th of this month, the glass covering the spherical observation deck was being cleaned on the 7th, and in the rain, two workers on a gondola inspected the dirty windows from outside the observation deck. I carefully wiped each one.

Kaikyo Yume Tower cleans the observation deck glass before the year-end and New Year holidays and the Obon holidays, but it has been said that they started cleaning the glass before Valentine's Day about eight years ago.

Kana Mitarai, a tower attendant, said, ``I want people to enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views of the Kanmon Straits and Kanmon Bridge from the tower's clean glass.''

Cleaning will continue for 8 days.