China News Service, Shenyang, February 2 (Li Hu) On the occasion of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the Shenyang Taiwan Affairs Office, the Shenyang Taiwan Federation, and the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Taiwan League jointly organized the "Welcome the New Year, Talk and Reunion" New Year social event More than 50 Taiwanese compatriots, Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese students in Shenyang gathered together to experience the beautiful winter scenery, experience the happiness of ice and snow, and welcome the New Year. The compatriots in Shenyang and Taiwan inherited the excellent traditional Chinese culture and deepened their emotional connection. Shenyang has also deeply infected and attracted Taiwanese compatriots with its unique temperament of "international style, pyrotechnics, and human touch".

Recently, Taiwan compatriots from Shenyang went to the Qipanshan Ice and Snow World to play in the ice and snow. Photo courtesy of Shenyang Taiwan Affairs Office

 Experience the fun of playing in the snow in winter

  The snow warms the sun in winter, and there is a kind of happiness called Shenyang. In Shenyang and Taiwan compatriots, we walked into the ice and snow world of Qipanshan together. We all played with the ice and snow, played with snow circles, skating ladders, and rode sledges. We experienced the charm of Shenyang’s ice and snow in winter and indulged ourselves. Enjoy the warm moments of play and immerse yourself in the snow-covered world. Although the weather was cold, everyone was extremely excited. Amidst the laughter and laughter, Taiwanese compatriots expressed their love for Shenyang ice and snow. Xu Teng, a Taiwanese student, said happily: "The ice and snow events are so fun, especially when everyone hugs each other." Riding down the ice slide is very exciting. This is something I have never experienced in Taiwan. This event brings us Taiwanese compatriots together, which is very unforgettable!" "I grew up in Taipei, and this is the first time I have played so many ice and snow sports. , I had a great time. The Xiaoheyan Morning Market, Laobei City and Caita Night Market in Shenyang are all very interesting. There are different places to visit in Shenyang throughout the year. I hope my friends in Taiwan will come to Shenyang to play and fall in love with it. Shenyang." Taiwanese youth Xie Tingyuan happily introduced her experience of living in Shenyang.

Recently, compatriots in Shenzhou visited Zhang Xueliang's former residence. Photo by Li Xi

 Understand the profound history and culture

  At the exhibition hall of Zhang Xueliang's former residence, a base for cross-strait exchanges, marriages and families from both sides of the Taiwan Strait carefully visited every corner of the museum. During the lecturer's emotional explanation, everyone's thoughts also entered the war-torn and turbulent modern China. Taiwan compatriot Mao Minghuan said excitedly: "Many heroic figures and heroic stories have emerged in Shenyang. The people here are warm, friendly and helpful. Shenyang is a city of heroes." Ma Xiaolin, a Taiwan compatriot in Shenyang, said: "Shenyang is a city full of history and culture. On weekends, we often take our children to the Shenyang Forbidden City, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Museum of Paleontology and other places to explore Shenyang's rich history and culture." At Zhongjie Pedestrian Street , crowded and full of New Year flavor. Both sides of the pedestrian street that have been restored to their original appearance often attract Taiwanese compatriots to stop and take photos. The time-honored brands such as Cuihua Jindian, Laobian Dumplings, and Zhongjie Bingdian City, which have a long history, have their own characteristics and deeply attract everyone's attention. A Taiwanese compatriot said with deep emotion: "Zhongjie combines tradition and innovation. There are not only traditional time-honored brands here, but also fashionable brands. Walking in the streets and alleys of Shenyang, you can feel that Shenyang is an international city."

  Jiang Yue, a Taiwanese compatriot, said: "My lover is from Changhua, Taiwan. This year we returned to my hometown with my children to celebrate the New Year. We took them to go shopping in Zhongjie, where I used to go when I was a child, to taste the special snacks and feel the richness of the festival. We all like Shenyang and this land.”

Recently, compatriots in Shenzhou and Taiwan made dumplings together to welcome the New Year. Photo courtesy of Shenyang Taiwan Affairs Office

 Feel the warmth of home

  At the beginning of the neon season, at the Laobian Dumpling House, which has a history of more than 170 years and has a history of more than 170 years, people from Shenzhen and Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese businessmen checked in. Everyone made dumplings, tasted folk customs, and gathered together to welcome the New Year. The staff of Laobian Dumpling House told Taiwanese compatriots about the folk custom of eating dumplings during New Year reunions, and taught everyone how to make dumplings on the spot. The steaming hot dumplings expressed the expectations of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait for reunion, and the spirit of the times to work together to forge ahead. All Chinese people have a beautiful vision for the future. "Seeing that Shenyang has become more beautiful, the transportation is more convenient, and I have also enjoyed the 'dividends' brought by urban development. I feel very happy living in Shenyang! I hope more Taiwan compatriots will come to Shenyang to visit, invest and start businesses in the future." Shenyang Wang Zihan, chairman of the board of supervisors of the Taiwan Business Association, said so.

  Everyone listened to folk customs, tasted delicious food, and had a great time laughing and chatting. The Spring Festival carries the Chinese people's longing for reunion. The common culture and similar concerns resonate more with compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan compatriot Li Youtang is preparing to celebrate the New Year in Shenyang this year. He said: "Although we are far away from home and relatives, Shenyang's deep human touch and meticulous care make our Taiwanese compatriots feel the warmth of home."

Recently, more than 50 Taiwan compatriots in Shenyang gathered together to experience the beautiful scenery of Shenyang in winter, experience the joy of ice and snow, and welcome the New Year. Photo courtesy of Shenyang Taiwan Affairs Office

  This event is intended to allow more Taiwanese friends to enter Shenyang, understand Shenyang, and experience the city’s rich cultural heritage. The relevant person in charge of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Shenyang City said that in the new year, Shenyang City will continue to provide good services to Taiwanese compatriots and Taiwanese enterprises in Shenyang. He hopes that exchanges between Shenyang and Taiwan will become more lively and cross-strait integration and development will continue to deepen. He sincerely welcomes all Taiwan compatriots. Invest in Shenyang, take root in Shenyang, seize the historical opportunity of Shenyang's comprehensive revitalization, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and create a future together. (over)