Yayoi Tanaka (63) has been appointed as the new director of the Board of Audit, and she talked about her aspirations, including striving to conduct inspections that are useful for budget formulation, and improving the quality of inspections by incorporating AI and other technologies.

The new director, Yayoi Tanaka, worked for a major optical equipment manufacturer, was an outside director at a private company, and worked in the research department of an independent administrative agency. She has been an inspector at the Board of Audit since 2019, and was appointed director this month.

One of Director Tanaka's goals is to ``try to have inspections contribute more to budget discussions.'' He said that by issuing a report that reflects the current situation, he hopes to lead to dialogue in the media and the Diet, so that it will be reflected in the next budget formulation.

She also said that by improving the quality of testing, staff who have honed data science methods and learned AI and statistical analysis will be able to "transfer test results from point to line, from line to surface." I want to expand it," he said.

On the 30th, the Board of Audit released a special page summarizing inspection reports on businesses implemented in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, and Director Tanaka also indicated that he intends to strengthen public relations to the public through such efforts. I did.