China News Service, Beijing, January 30 (Reporter Shangguan Yun) For the film market, the Spring Festival release is very critical. At present, among the films that have been announced, the movie "Flying Life 2" has received a lot of attention.

  The reporter learned from the organizer that on the 29th, the movie "Flying Life 2" held a press conference in Beijing. The film's screenwriter and director Han Han, actors Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Zhang Benyu, Sun Yizhou, Wei Xiang and the audience gathered together to share interesting stories about the cooperation, "Flying Complex" and other on-stage and behind-the-scenes stories, joyful interactions.

  The movie "Flying Life 2" is written and directed by Han Han, starring Shen Teng, Fan Chengcheng, Yin Zheng, Zhang Benyu, and Sun Yizhou, with special appearances by Wei Xiang and Jia Bing, and a friendly appearance by Zheng Kai.

  The event site. Photo courtesy of the film crew

  Han Han said that "Flying Life 2" is a team that brings together old friends and new friends. The story, audiovisual and laughter of the movie have been comprehensively upgraded. He also revealed that he had made several versions of the outline and script direction for this story, and Shen Teng liked the current version very much. "At that time, Brother Teng had just finished surgery and was still in the recovery stage. He was willing to come over and gave me a lot of encouragement." confidence."

  Shen Teng said frankly: "After the director told me about it, I thought it was really good and better than the first one." He also joked that this time he was "making a living by filming." Fan Chengcheng claims to be a fan of "Flying Life" and is very excited to join the "Flying Life 2" crew family. He gained a lot of happiness and touch during the filming.

  Talking about his return to play the role of the mechanic star, Zhang Benyu said that not only the "iron triangle" tacit understanding is still the same, but the behind-the-scenes creators including photography are also working together again and are very familiar with it.

  Sun Yizhou said that although he was a new member, he integrated into the team on the first day of filming. He introduced that the character Liu Xiande is very weak in driving, and there is a huge contrast between him and his master Zhang Chi, one day at a time, creating a lot of laughter.

  Wei Xiang was very grateful to Han Han for bringing back the role of Manager Ye, and recalled that after filming the first film, the director once said, "If I have a chance, I'll write you another one that is both good and evil." He thought it was a courtesy, but the director took it seriously. Let Manager Ye become both good and evil in "Flying Life 2".

  The organizer stated that this Beijing press conference was themed "New Year's Party" and the newly exposed "Good Luck Solitaire" version of the poster was quite suitable for the occasion. The main creators also concentrated on their "comedian" attributes and carried out "party" interactions in a fancy way. .

  It is reported that the movie "Flying Life 2" will be released nationwide on New Year's Day. (over)