Three Japanese people in their 20s were arrested by the Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters for their involvement in a special fraud case in which elderly people were defrauded of cash while staying in Cambodia.

Police have also arrested two people in Japan, including ``Ukeko,'' who are believed to be members of the same group, and are determined to uncover the reality of the group.

The three Japanese people in their 20s who were arrested were transported from Cambodia and arrived at Haneda Airport just before 6 a.m. on the 31st.

According to the police, in December, a woman in her 70s living in Kanagawa Prefecture was defrauded of approximately 1 million yen in cash after receiving a false call claiming to be her son who said that she had lost an important document. It is suspected that he was recruiting members involved in special fraud in Japan while staying in Cambodia during the incident.

In December, he was detained at a hotel in southern Cambodia by local law enforcement authorities on suspicion of being involved in a special scam.

In addition to the three, police have arrested two other suspects in Japan, including a suspect in his 40s who is a "receiver" who receives cash from victims, and is trying to uncover the true situation of the group.

According to the police, this group appears to be different from the 25 Japanese members of a special fraud group based in Cambodia who were arrested and indicted in November last year.