China News Service, Beijing, January 30 (Reporter Xu Jing) The Children's Library of Beijing City Library will open on January 30. The Children's Library is located in the southwest of the first floor of the library, with an area of ​​4,000 square meters, a total of about 360 seats, and a borrowing capacity of 60,000 books. It is committed to building a "child-oriented" public cultural space.

Children's Library of Beijing City Library. Photo courtesy of Capital Library

  The Children's Library of Beijing City Library adheres to the concept of "cultivating future readers". Here, children can not only enjoy traditional library services such as rich book borrowing, professional reading guidance, special reading activities, colorful exhibitions and displays, but also through A series of high-tech equipment and facilities such as smart exhibitions and 4D viewing are used for immersive reading, in-depth learning, communication and creation, and you can enjoy a wonderful reading experience in a modern library empowered by wisdom and connected by the cloud.

  In order to meet the reading needs and characteristics of children of different ages, the indoor children's library is divided into a south area and a north area, serving children aged 0 to 6 and 6 to 12 years old respectively. The indoor area provides borrowing of Chinese and foreign books, and there are themed bookshelves to recommend award-winning books, three-dimensional books and other special literature to readers. The knowledge charging station area in the North District brings together digital resources suitable for children to read. Children's cinemas and children's theaters provide readers with multimedia reading services through 4D movie viewing and immersive equipment.

  The children's museum aims at "smart reading" and creates smart exhibitions around the theme of "knowledge and beauty". It invites children to "sow reading seeds" through smart bracelets and interact "through multimedia such as somatosensory interaction and sensor cameras." "Get fertilizer" and turn popular science knowledge, literary works, picture book reading, archaeological exploration and other interesting contents into your own "knowledge magic". Every effort will become the growth motivation for the "seeds" to take root and sprout.

  In order to inspire children's wisdom and cultivate noble personalities, the Children's Center has created a number of activity brands. Reading starts from the age of zero, and the "Cradle Book Program" will continue to be carried out as a long-term activity; "Baby Happy Reading" is an activity specially developed for children aged 0 to 4 to develop abilities, early reading enlightenment, emotional communication, and social interaction. We hope that and Parents witness their children's healthy growth together.

Children's Library of Beijing City Library. Photo courtesy of Capital Library

  "Childlike Heart Book Connection" will connect children with the world through shared reading, guidance, sharing and mutual recommendation of good books, making books a bridge of knowledge and friendship; "Artistic Childhood" will become children's off-campus aesthetic education In the classroom, art appreciation, talent creation, and literary performances allow children to develop good artistic accomplishments subtly; the "Future Lecture Hall" takes the latest and most cutting-edge knowledge trends as its theme, providing useful supplements to children's knowledge reserves; the "Digital Gas Station" "Committed to cultivating the information literacy of future teenagers and improving their scientific literacy.

  During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, the museum will carry out 82 rich children's activities integrating picture book readings, poetry recitations, traditional culture, audio-visual screenings, and handicrafts with the theme of "Children's Heart Never Stops—Treasure Exploration in the Year of the Dragon" Activity. In the future, in the southwest of Beijing City Library, the "Forest Reading Paradise" with a total area of ​​2,500 square meters, the largest library in China equipped with a children's outdoor activity area, will be waiting for children to experience. (over)