On the 30th, Hokuriku Electric Power Company explained the situation at the Shiga Nuclear Power Plant, where part of the system that receives electricity from outside is out of service due to the effects of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, and said there is no estimate on when the transformer that caused the problem will be restored. I made it clear that there was no such situation.

At the Shiga Nuclear Power Plant in Shiga Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, the piping of the transformer used to receive electricity from outside broke and oil used for insulation and cooling leaked, causing damage to one of the three transmission lines and five circuits. Two lines are currently out of service.

On the 30th, Hokuriku Electric Power Company explained the status of the investigation, and according to it, a 20 cm pipe was connected to a 50 cm thick pipe that connects the transformer body and equipment called a ``radiator'' that releases heat from the oil. Apparently, cracks were found over a long distance.

Additionally, an analysis of the gas inside the transformer revealed signs of an internal malfunction.

After conducting an internal inspection in the middle of next month, we will consider restoration methods, and it is currently unclear when restoration will occur.

Hokuriku Electric Power says that it has secured power for equipment important for safety, such as cooling spent fuel pools, because it receives electricity from other systems.

Meanwhile, the emergency diesel generator, which automatically stopped during a test run on the 17th of this month, was restored on the night of the 29th.

The company said the automatic shutdown was caused by unusual conditions, as the electrical system at the power plant was switched after the earthquake, and measures have already been taken to prevent it from happening again.