Last year, there were 175 cases of personal information leaks and losses reported by listed companies, which amounted to 40.9 million people, all of which were new record highs, according to a summary by a credit bureau.

According to Tokyo Shoko Research, there were 175 cases of personal information leaks and losses disclosed by listed companies and their subsidiaries in the past year, an increase of 10 cases from the previous year and the highest number ever since the survey began in 2012. Has been updated.

The most common cause of information leaks was ``virus infection/unauthorized access,'' with 93 cases, and among them, ransomware, a malicious program that encrypts files without permission and is used to demand ransom, was the most common cause. Ta.

In addition, the personal information of 40,908,700 people was leaked in the past year, approximately seven times as much as the previous year, which is also the highest ever.

Specific examples include a former temporary employee of a subsidiary of NTT West taking out the personal information of 9.28 million people, and the server of the company operating Gulliver, a major used car sales company, being infected with ransomware and stealing customers' personal information. There were eight cases in which more than 1 million people were leaked, including approximately 2.4 million people.

According to Tokyo Shoko Research, ``Last year was characterized by a continued increase in damage from cyberattacks, which are on the rise, and a large number of human-caused accidents such as a lack of awareness of information management.Governance aimed at strengthening security and preventing fraud. "There is a need for thorough implementation."