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Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, sparked widespread reactions on social media after linking the protests of those demanding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to Russia, and demanding an investigation into the financing of their demonstrations.

Pelosi said, in an interview on CNN on Sunday evening, do not be fooled by the calls for a ceasefire in Gaza by some demonstrations, as it is a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin, demanding that the FBI investigate its financing.

Observers denounced Pelosi's adoption of the conspiracy theory, as she spent 6 decades of her life on the paths of politics, led the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives for several sessions, and was the first woman to preside over the House in the history of the United States.

The Nation newspaper conducted a poll that concluded that 73% of potential Democratic primary voters are likely to support a pro-ceasefire candidate.

Surprise and disapproval

The Shabakat program (1/30/2024) monitored some of the interactions of tweeters with Pelosi’s accusations, including what Abdel Ghani wrote, “Doesn’t Nancy Pelosi know that the American people are aware enough to demonstrate demanding a ceasefire in Gaza?”

As for Random, he asked, “Do people still think before they speak?” He tweeted, “As a lifelong Democratic voter, I have begun to reconsider claims by (Donald) Trump voters about Democrats spreading lies. Pelosi believes that the protesters are against the genocide in Gaza.” "They are being pushed by Putin's Russia."

Maria wrote: “She first claims that she wants to pay attention to the people in Gaza, then she turns the issue into another issue entirely... Whatever party is calling for a ceasefire, we are with it. Enough bloodshed, enough suffering.”

Meanwhile, Abdel Aziz said: “In short, America, which has long marketed what is called democracy and human values ​​with the American mixture, has begun to be stripped bare and its secrets revealed.”

In this context, a Pelosi spokesman claimed to the media, “Pelosi has always defended the right of all Americans to express their opinions through peaceful protest. She is fully aware of how foreign adversaries interfere in American politics to sow division and influence our elections.”

Source: Al Jazeera