A year ago, in Tondabayashi City, Osaka, the first trial was held for a grandmother accused of leaving a 2-year-old girl in a playpen and causing her death due to heat stroke. Some of the content was denied.

In June of last year, Yuyo Ono (2 years old at the time) died of heatstroke after being left behind at a housing complex in Tondabayashi City, Osaka.

Her grandmother, Mayumi Ono (47), bound Yuyo's arms and legs with tape and kept her in a playpen with a lid on for three days, without giving her enough water or food and causing her death from heat stroke. He has been charged with abandonment of a person in charge of protection resulting in death and confinement.

At the first trial held at the Osaka District Court's Sakai branch on the 30th, Ono was charged with stating, ``It's mostly fine, but there was no lid on the playpen, and there was no evidence that I tied her up for three days.'' Part of the content was denied.

The defendant's lawyer is asking for a lighter sentence.

After this, the prosecutor's office said in its opening statement, ``This incident occurred after repeated sleepovers without adequate care and daily abuse.Yuyo accidentally swallowed a rubber band, so we made a playpen to put her in.'' "After that, I became jealous of people throwing diapers at me, so I started tying my hands and feet."

In this case, Takanori Momota (52), who lived with Ono and was charged with the same crime, was sentenced to six years in prison in the first trial, but has since appealed.

Ono's sentence is scheduled to be handed down on the 16th of next month.