Europe 1 6:00 a.m., January 30, 2024

Building on the success of the first season of the podcast “The extraordinary stories of Pierre Bellemare”, which exceeded the threshold of 1.3 million listens, Europe 1 offers you a new season of 10 exclusive stories entitled “Little crimes in the family” , available now.

In less than 2 months, “The extraordinary stories of Pierre Bellemare”, an original creation, which draws on the exceptional archives of the sound heritage of the blue house, has exceeded the threshold of 1.3 million listenings. The Europe 1 teams offer listeners the opportunity to discover 10 new stories around “Little Family Crimes”; martyred woman, Oedipus complex, family vendetta..., Pierre Bellemare fervently recounts these unsuspected crimes.

You can find them in full here:

The extraordinary stories of Pierre Bellemare

List of 10 episodes available now:

Episode 1:

 A family vendetta

Episode 2:

 A life under hypnosis

Episode 3: 

The machine that drives you crazy

Episode 4:

 The poison of love

Episode 5:

 A double crime and a café crème

Episode 6:

 The ogress of the Goutte d 'Or

Episode 7:

 An affair sewn with white thread

Episode 8:

 Martyred woman

Episode 9: 

Under the influence

Episode 10:

 A crime in the shadow of Oedipus

The stories have been remastered and the sound design modernized to offer an optimal and immersive listening experience to listeners. 

Production and musical composition:

 Julien Tharaud


 Sébastien Guyot

Sound heritage:

 Sylvaine Denis, Laetitia Casanova, Antoine Reclus

Editing and distribution:

 Lisa Soster

Creation of the visual:

 Sidonie Mangin


 to Roselyne Bellemare and Mariapia Bracchi-Bellemare