In a case in which a man with disabilities who attended a special needs school in Nagoya accused his former teacher of assaulting him, the school did not take appropriate action, and the Nagoya District Court found that he had been assaulted on a daily basis. The city of Nagoya was then ordered to pay 1.65 million yen in damages, citing a ``too late response.''

A 24-year-old man with intellectual disability and autism was kicked by a former male teacher at the former Nagoya City Tenpaku Special Needs School, where he attended for four years until graduating in 2018. The school was seeking 5.5 million yen in damages from the city of Nagoya and the former teacher, alleging that the school did not take appropriate action despite being assaulted on a daily basis.

In previous trials, the city of Nagoya acknowledged some of the assaults, but claimed that it "responded appropriately," and the former teacher maintained that "there were no routine assaults."

In a ruling on the 30th, Nagoya District Court Chief Judge Osamu Nishimura acknowledged that the former teacher had committed routine assaults and verbal abuse.

The principal added, ``The principal was aware of the former teacher's daily assaults and abusive language, and gave guidance and warnings, but it did not really sink in.It should have been reported to the city board of education, but the response was too late.'' The city of Nagoya was ordered to pay 1.65 million yen in damages.

On the other hand, the lawsuit against the former teacher was dismissed, stating that public servants cannot be held personally liable for compensation.

Regarding this issue, the former teacher was charged with assault for kicking the plaintiff, who was a third-year high school student at the time, and was sentenced to a fine.