As troubles have been occurring one after another regarding ``men's underground idols'' who perform idol activities mainly at live houses, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has ordered them to visit live houses around Shinjuku's Kabukicho area to check whether illegal acts are taking place at the events. I requested such things.

On the 30th, approximately 20 Metropolitan Police Department police officers and public health center staff entered five live houses around Shinjuku Kabukicho, which are also used as live performance venues for men's underground idols.

Trouble surrounding men's underground idols has occurred, with the presidents of talent agencies being arrested this month for allegedly having a male idol engage in obscene acts with a 17-year-old female high school student at a photo shoot held at a live music venue. are occurring one after another.

In response to this, the on-site visit required the facility to ▽require event organizers to comply with laws and regulations, ▽confirm that no illegal acts such as obscene acts were taking place, and ▽to We requested that the environment be created to prevent illegal activities, such as by ensuring that there is no cover.

The Metropolitan Police Department is warning customers that they may engage in illegal acts to try to make customers feel romantically involved.

The ``Young Telephone Corner'' of the Metropolitan Police Department's Juvenile Development Division accepts consultations 24 hours a day for troubles related to men's underground idols.

The phone number is 03-3580-4970.