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Updated Monday, January 29, 2024-21:31

  • New program The radical turn of RTVE with D Corazón, the greatest bastion of salseo on public television

  • RTVE programming strikes down Jordi González's La Plaza after poor audience data

On January 20,


's legendary


began a new stage: a live, 90-minute program, renamed

D corazón

, which features gatherings with various collaborators - among them,

Carmen Lomana


Pelayo Díaz


Omar Suárez

- and, above all, with a new partner for

Anne Igartiburu


Jordi González

. After the announcement of the premiere, a rumor broke out that the two presenters cannot stand each other, neither in front of nor behind the camera. However, they flatly deny it.

"We get along well... For now. We have been at the press conference and in a first program together and we are going very well," declared


at a Pronokal event. And what does

Jordi González

say ? Well, basically, the same thing: "When the news leaked that we had a program together, it was said that Anne had suffered tremendous disappointment because she didn't want to work with me at all, that she doesn't like me. It made me funny because we don't even know each other." , Explain.

"In a recent interview I said: 'I haven't seen her in 17 years.' But not because we had a relationship and I stopped seeing her, but because I saw her 17 years ago at a concert at the Palacio de los Deportes. She was with her boy and we greeted each other. And until we started preparing this program I had not seen her again. And today we have fluid communication and we get along well. We are going to do well. We are going to get along well!", he assures, with enthusiasm. .

The public entity itself has committed to promoting professional and personal bond, a chemistry that is reflected on the screen. "We presenters sometimes agree. But it hadn't happened with Anne. And our first contact was on January 9, in a dining room in Prado del Rey, with the executive producer of the program. When I arrived, I told him: ' Wow, you're so tanned,' and she replied: 'I've been to Lanzarote.' I had also been to Lanzarote at the end of the year! That's how we started getting to know each other," he says.


insists, however, that his relationship with


is still in its infancy. He does, however, have a great connection with other faces of

D corazón

such as

Rosa Villacastín

, a regular in

Lazos de sangre

, and with

Alba Carrillo

, with whom he had a dispute a few years ago. "A while ago she deleted me from Instagram because I told her I had very thin skin and she got angry because she misunderstood. She thought: 'Are you messing with my skin when you have what you have?' And of course, she deleted me. But then we became friends again," he says about the

Bake Off

participant and recent signing in



"In this program there are going to be many well-known faces, there are not so many people to do television. If there were many, we would not still be doing programs, Mercedes Milá and I. They continue to give us programs because there are not so many people to choose from," says the presenter. When he speaks,

Jordi González

always does it half jokingly and half seriously. However, when he issues explosive statements like the previous one, it is clear that he is completely sincere.

Also when he talks about his failures: "I tried to make a program called

La plaza

, and it didn't last very long. When things don't work you have to get rid of them as soon as possible. If people don't put you on TV, you're not going to get them. force, you can't get angry. That's why we finished with that project," he points out, regarding the format that premiered at the beginning of the season and that


canceled after only eight broadcasts.

"I'm not going to dramatize that issue because we are only talking about a television program. On TV you only know the day you start a project, but you never know the day it ends... And in this case, we decided to leave it," account. "So, the general management of TVE told me about the idea of

​​D corazón

and it seemed good to me, because I am an ordinary worker. You work in a place and they say to you: 'Would you mind changing departments, leaving the children's book section? and move on to crime?' And maybe I don't like books... But I do like to work selling them, I don't care about the content," he confesses.


Jordi González

does maintain high expectations regarding

D corazón

. "I would like to do 734 programs because my colleagues and


deserve it. That I do it well? Great. Isn't it? That's it. If I've been on TV for 39 years, do you think I really need to work here? ?", he asks himself, and quickly rectifies: "If I tell you that, you're going to put it in the headline. Better write: 'I really need to work on TV.' And I like it. I would watch

D corazón

. If I see a program on direct that is dealing with interesting content, has rhythm and is agile, of course I see it.

Even so,


promises not to


anything that is published in relation to him or his program. "It has been studied that 70% of what is published is false. It makes no sense to search for me on Google. On the other hand, many things have been invented about me. They have killed me three times. They rushed, it was very premature. One day "I was on the Costa del Sol and a friend called me, she had read that she had killed me on the road. Okay, I drive badly... But from there to die?" he says, laughing.

"It has also hurt me when they say that I get along badly with Anne, and that: 'The Treasury drowns

Jordi González

'. The Treasury asked me for VAT... And now they say things like: 'The networks are exploding against the new


' No. There are six tweets that someone from another network may have posted," he says. "That's why I removed some networks. I no longer have Instagram because I'm no longer of age. It caused me extra tension. I wasn't paying attention and some friends asked me why I didn't give them more


. But I did stay on Twitter. To inform me... And to see the amount of nonsense that is published! Twitter is like a drunk bar," he says.