Solène Delinger 1:17 p.m., January 30, 2024

Saturday January 27, Héléna left the “Star Academy” during the second semi-final. Viewers preferred to send his comrade Pierre to the final. It doesn't matter for the 21-year-old academic, who considers having already won everything. For, she looks back on her elimination, the highlights of her adventure and her relationship with Pierre. 

Héléna still can't believe it... Saturday evening, the 21-year-old young woman left the

Star Academy

in the semi-finals after three months of adventure. However, she didn't expect anything when she went to the

Star Ac casting.

 Héléna just wanted to try her luck, touch her dream with her fingertips... Her dream finally came true. After weeks of work at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys, Héléna revealed herself and won the hearts of the public, who saved her for several consecutive weeks. During the semi-final, all her teachers congratulated her on her dazzling progress. But it was ultimately Pierre who won his ticket to the final against Julien. For, Héléna confides in her relationship with her friend and looks back on the highlights of her adventure. Interview. 

How do you feel ? 

I feel pretty good! I saw all my loved ones again and I also found my phone. I have seen everything that has been said about me and also what I look like on TV. There is a lot of love and kindness around me. 

How does it feel to see yourself on TV?

I really can't get used to it! It's very strange to see me like this. On the daily ones, I tell myself that I really didn't make any effort (Laughs). At least I was natural, that’s for sure! 

What did Pierre whisper to you on Saturday evening just before the results were announced? 

I don't remember exactly what he said to me. We were just proud of ourselves and proud of the bonus we had just offered to viewers. Before the bonus, we said to each other: “No matter what happens, we are both deserving and we will see each other again in a few days.” 

Everyone thinks there is something between you and Pierre. What are your relationships?

It’s true that we get along very well with Pierre. We were very close friends throughout the adventure. But it's really purely friendly. I understand that people have ideas but that's it. In any case, we hadn't come to the castle with that in mind. We just wanted to live an artistic and human experience. 

Were you dreading leaving the castle? 

Yes, I was apprehensive because I didn't know what was happening outside, I didn't know if I liked the public or not. I was also afraid of leaving our little bubble and being sad when I returned. Luckily, everything has been going great for me since the release! 

Were you surprised to see how much support you received throughout the adventure?

I was extremely surprised. Honestly, I wasn't expecting that at all but it's such a nice feeling! 


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You have doubted your abilities for a long time... Have you finally gained confidence in yourself?

At the start of the adventure, I actually had difficulty realizing what I knew how to do with my voice. I was rarely proud of myself during Star Ac because I saw the smallest little details, the slightest wrong note, the slightest rhythm problem. Since my release, I have watched my first performances as well as my last ones. And there, I realize my evolution because I have perspective. 

What did you learn about yourself during

Star Ac


I don't feel like I've discovered any new aspects of my personality. However, I was surprised by several things. In the morning, I got up very early and went to exercise without complaining! I didn't think I would be able to keep up this pace. I was also surprised at the theater. I didn't know I knew how to do improv! 

Was there really no tension during these three months at the castle?

Almost none and honestly when there were some, they were minimal and they were always resolved very quickly because everyone was very mature. We were doing things correctly. I am very proud of this promotion because there has always been a lot of kindness between us. 

You learned of the death of your grandmother during your adventure. How did you find the strength to continue?

It was very difficult to manage but I was extremely well looked after. My mother came to the castle to tell me. I was able to talk with her as much time as I wanted. It was the most important for me because I would have had a very bad experience if I had heard the news on the phone. I really needed my mom at that time. 

You said goodbye to your grandmother by covering the song


by Céline Dion during a prime. What did you feel ?

It was super moving because I had imagined this painting. During rehearsals, Marlène and I decided that this tribute would not be sad. And that's really the message of the song, which says that the person we've just lost can take flight and that we don't blame them for leaving. My grandmother was very old and she always told me that she was waiting to leave so she could be reunited with her husband. I wanted to say goodbye to him in a positive way. 

In your Star Academy


, you talk about the school harassment you suffered. Why was it important for you to talk about it?

At first, I didn't particularly want to talk about it because it was a matter of my private life and because I didn't want to be put in this box of the girl who was harassed. After careful consideration, I told myself that it wasn't every day that I had the opportunity to speak on a TF1 primetime show in front of millions of viewers. I know there are kids watching me who maybe need to hear that if it happens to them or has happened to them before, they will get through it. We all get through it one day and life afterwards is very beautiful. 

What is your best memory of

Star Academy


This is really the first prime. The curtain opens, Nikos says our first names and reveals us to the world after all these very intense and very long months of casting, we are finally there! We don't know each other but we know that we are going to live an incredible experience that we won't have twice. I will never forget that first bonus. 

And the worst ?

All the starts were very difficult. But it was Louis, the very first to leave the adventure, who made us understand that we were going to lose a person every week. I also had a very hard time with Marie-Maud's departure because we were very close and I was nominated opposite her. It was truly the worst possible scenario. 

Who do you see winning

 Star Academy


That’s the big question (Laughs)! I wouldn't know how to choose. Pierre and Julien are both so deserving and they both have many qualities that only belong to them. For me, they have already won everything! 

And you, what are your plans?

I was a semi-finalist so I'm going to record my single. There is also the tour coming soon. After all that, I want to take my time and think carefully about all the artistic choices I am going to make.