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Heinz Hoenig (M.) leaves the camp


Day 12 / RTL

Heinz Hoenig is out of the jungle camp - why exactly remains a cliffhanger on the show "I'm a Star - Get Me Out of Here!" for a few hours. So far, actor Hoenig has done excellently - but now the 72-year-old could no longer do it, RTL reported in a press release. However, Hoenig is said not to have left the camp voluntarily. Apparently weather conditions also played a role.

»Our medical team decided today to take him out of the camp as a precaution. Heinz Hoenig is doing well." According to the broadcaster, he is now with his family. Everything else will be seen in the next episode on Tuesday evening.

The “Das Boot” veteran was by far the oldest and most prominent participant in this jungle camp edition: Hoenig had provided dramaturgical potential in the 20th anniversary season of “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” From the start, the 72-year-old had distinguished himself as a stubborn senior through frequent criticisms, for whom special conditions supposedly applied: he had been banned from exams for health reasons.

Most recently, Hoenig proved himself in a disgust test: he ate a dessert made from fly larvae and pureed mouse tails and won seven out of nine possible stars with his team. David Odonkor, 39, was the first man to leave the camp on Monday. After a debate about scantily clad fellow campers, the ex-footballer received the fewest votes in the voting.