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Jungfernstieg shopping mile: Hamburg is growing

Photo: Markus Scholz/dpa

In 2030, Hamburg is expected to have more than two million inhabitants. This is what the Northern Statistics Office predicts.

According to this, 2,002,700 people could live in the Hanseatic city, meaning Hamburg would exceed the two million mark for the first time, the office announced. According to the population register, Hamburg had 1,954,243 inhabitants on June 30 last year. The population will rise to 2.024 million by 2040, the statement continued.

According to the information, population growth is based on expected migration gains. The office estimates that by 2040 a total of around 85,100 more people will move to Hamburg than will leave the Hanseatic city. This will more than offset the negative natural population balance expected for this period. According to the forecast, by 2040 the number of deaths will exceed the number of births by around 1,600 people.

The statisticians expect different population developments for the different districts. The forecast shows, for example, that the Rahlstedt district could gain the most residents by 2040, with a total of 6,000 people.