The Tokyo Summary Court fined Yaichi Tanigawa, a former member of the House of Representatives, and the former accounting officer of the Kishida faction, who had been summarily indicted on charges of violating the Political Funds Control Act in a case involving a political funding party organized by a faction of the Liberal Democratic Party. I issued a summary order suspending my civil rights for three years.

Those who received the summary order are

Yaichi Tanigawa (82), a former member of the House of Representatives who left the Liberal Democratic Party and resigned as a member on the 24th of this month, and

Kazuo Sasaki (80), former accounting director of the Kishida-aligned Hiroike Policy Research Group.

▽Rep. Rep. Tanigawa and his secretary received 43.55 million yen in kickbacks from the Abe-aligned Seiwa Policy Research Group over the five years up until the year before 2019, but they did not include it in the fund management organization's political funds balance report. The Kishida faction's


accounting director, Sasaki, is accused of failing to record party income of 30.59 million yen as income in the faction's political funds balance report for the three years up to 2020

. The two were summarily indicted on charges of making false statements in violation of the regulatory law, and by the 30th, the Tokyo Summary Court had issued a summary order for them to be fined 1 million yen and had their civil rights suspended for three years.

According to sources, both have admitted to making false statements.

Under the Political Funds Control Act, the period for suspension of civil rights for the crime of making false statements is generally set at five years, but the summary court shortened it to three years.

If he is found guilty, he will be barred from running in any elections for three years.