The TV series "A Family with Children" is a childhood memory for countless people. On January 15, the movie "A Family with Children: The Divine Dog Head" held its premiere in Beijing. The producer revealed that this year it plans to develop a new IP film project for "A Family with Children". The original cast members include Song Dandan, Gao Yalin, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan, and You Haoran. will return. Related topics topped the list of hot searches that night and continued to dominate the list.

  Previously, "Love Apartment", "Three Lives Three Worlds" and "I Want to See You" were all remakes of TV series versions into movie versions, but their reputations were not good. Can the movie version with an emotional halo continue the classic? In the end, we still have to return to the core issue: whether we can tell a story well.

The original cast of "Family with Children" will return

Insider: It has not yet entered the implementation stage.

  "Family with Children" is a sitcom about children. It tells various interesting stories between parents and three children after the union of two divorced families. The drama was put into production on April 29, 2004. There are four parts in total. The first, second and third parts each have 100 episodes, and the fourth part has a total of 67 episodes. In the play, Song Dandan plays mother Liu Mei, Gao Yalin plays father Xia Donghai, Yang Zi (played by Dan Lin in the first and second parts) plays Xia Xue (played by Dan Lin in the third and fourth parts), Zhang Yishan plays Liu Xing, and You Haoran plays Xia Yu.

  Since its broadcast in 2005, "Family with Children" once became the TV series with the highest ratings in the same period of CCTV's lunch block. To this day, the classic lines, jokes, scenes, plots, etc. in the play are still popular on the Internet, forming various hot memes, widely welcomed by the public, and can be called a national IP. In the Douban ratings, the first two films scored 9.0 and 9.1 respectively, which is enough to illustrate the popularity of this TV series.

  On January 15, the premiere of "A Family with Children: The Divine Dog Head" was held in Beijing. Chief planner and producer Zhang Linshu revealed at the premiere event that this year plans to develop a new IP film project of "A Family with Children", with original cast members Song Dandan and Gao Yalin, Yang Zi, Zhang Yishan, and You Haoran will return. This news also triggered public discussion, and on the evening of the 15th, it topped the list of hot searches and continued to dominate the list. Many netizens expressed their expectation, "If it is the original cast, you really must go see it." However, some netizens held objections, saying that "I am really afraid of changing the classics beyond recognition" and "it is good to leave some good things in the past."

  However, reporters from West China Metropolis Daily and Cover News learned from insiders that the movie version of "Family with Children" is currently only a preliminary plan and has not yet entered the implementation stage, so no further details have been disclosed for the time being.

Can the movie version continue the classic?

To win goodwill, content still needs to be king.

  In recent years, it has become a trend to remake popular TV series into movies, but judging from past examples, most of them have received poor reviews.

  On December 30, 2023, the movie "Twinkle Twinkle Star" was released, and the "Snow Resort" was once on Weibo's hot searches with topics such as "embarrassing" and "ugly". "Twinkle Twinkle Star" was originally a popular TV series in 2022. It caused a lot of enthusiastic responses during the broadcast and was released in a movie version. The male protagonist's secret love story touched many people. The line in the play "Zhang Wansen, it's snowing" "" once became a hot meme on the Internet. However, many plots and character settings in the movie version are very different from those in the drama version, which disappointed many viewers who were looking forward to the drama version. The TV series version of "Twinkle Twinkle Shining Star" has a Douban score of 6.8, while the movie version has a Douban score of only 5.9. In the hot Douban review of the movie version, a netizen wrote, "The plot seems to treat the audience as mentally retarded."

  At the end of 2019, the TV series "Want to See You" became a hit once it was released. In addition to multi-dimensional time travel, Mobius strips and reverse murder cases, the voice conveyed in the show also touched many people: "You don't have to be a certain kind of person to be a certain person." They are in the minority and feel that they are not worthy of being loved and that they do not need to change for anyone.” The film version released in 2022 still has the same production team, but it suffered a critical collapse after its release. The Douban score was only 6.1 points, in sharp contrast to the 9.2 points for the drama version. Many drama fans complained, "The core of this IP is 'I want to see you', rather than trying to engage in these vague time travels."

  In addition, "Wulin Gaiden", "Love Apartment", "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom", "The Best of Us", "Why is the Shengxiao Silent", "Corridor Pavilion", etc., have all been released in film version from the drama version, but in terms of reputation, they all have Didn't catch up with the drama version. The TV series version is longer. When the length is reduced to a movie of about two hours, some character lines or stories must be cut off. In addition, movie versions also face generally shorter production cycles, higher budget requirements, and box office pressures. Bringing feelings about the drama version is a bonus point for the movie. How to get the audience to enter the theater with a good impression of the drama version and write heartfelt praise for the movie will test whether the producer can make content the king. Only when content is king, a story is told well, and actors provide convincing performances can we achieve word-of-mouth praise and the continuation of classics.

  West China Metropolis Daily - cover news reporter Zhou Qin