Tower 22 base houses about 350 American soldiers (French)

Burj 22 base is a small desert military site that includes a number of American soldiers in northeastern Jordan, near the “Al-Tanf” base located on the opposite side within the Syrian border. Not much is known about it, but the spotlight was shed on it after a drone attack on January 28, 2024, claimed by the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” movement.

the site

The Burj 22 base enjoys an important strategic location in Jordan in the far north-east. It is about 20 kilometers from the “Al-Tanf” base located on the opposite side within the Syrian border, and 10 kilometers from the Iraqi border, and also close to the “Al-Rukban” camp for Syrian refugees, which was established at the end of the year. 2015.

Unidentified military website

There is little information about the Burj 22 base and the weapons and air defenses located there, but it was initially established as a Jordanian military site to monitor the borders, and then witnessed an increased American presence in late 2015 after the entry of American forces into Syria.

According to the US Central Command, the site includes 350 soldiers from the Army and its Air Force, who perform a number of functions, including supporting the international coalition against ISIS.

The American military presence in Jordan

The United States has gradually strengthened its military presence in Jordan due to the close relations between the two countries, as Jordan is one of the few regional allies that conducts extensive military and defense training with American forces throughout the year.

However, since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011, Washington has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to help Jordan establish an advanced surveillance system known as “border security” to stop the infiltration of “militants” from Syria and Iraq.

Jordan also asked Washington in late 2023 to deploy Patriot air defense systems to strengthen its border defenses, in addition to more aid to confront drones used in drug smuggling, worth billions of dollars, along the border with Syria, which Amman blames on groups. The armed forces loyal to Iran control southern Syria.

January 2024 attack

On January 28, 2024, the US Army announced that 3 of its soldiers were killed and 34 others were injured in a drone attack on the logistical support base at Tower 22 of the Jordanian defense network, accusing armed groups supported by Iran of being behind it.

While Iran denied its involvement in the attack, the “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” movement claimed responsibility for it, warning of an imminent escalation if the United States continued to support Israel in its aggression against the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023.

It is the first attack of its kind targeting American forces in Jordan, and the heaviest in terms of American losses since the start of the aggression on Gaza.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies + websites