The basic plan for an educational and research facility to be built in Fukushima Prefecture as a recovery base for the Great East Japan Earthquake has been revealed. In order to encourage cross-disciplinary research, we have created a structure that creates a sense of unity so that it is easy to understand each other's experiments, and we have also created an exchange space to strengthen industry-academia collaboration.

As a base for earthquake recovery, the Fukushima International Research and Education Organization is responsible for developing human resources involved in the world's most cutting-edge research and development of robots and other technologies as well as decommissioning, and major research facilities are scheduled to be constructed by 2030. On the 30th, Minister of Reconstruction Tsuchiya announced the basic plan.

According to the plan, in order to encourage cross-disciplinary research, the research facility will have a structure with a sense of unity, such as glass walls in some areas to make it easier to see each other's experiments, and will strengthen industry-academia collaboration. We are planning to create a space for interaction.

We also plan to create a ``Collaboration and Exchange Zone'' that will be open to the community, with an auditorium and exhibition rooms, and a ``Research Support Zone'' that will have accommodation facilities for graduate students who aspire to become researchers.

Minister Tsuchiya stated at a press conference, ``We will promote innovation through exchanges among researchers, and strive to make the site suitable as a core base for creative recovery as a place open to the community.''