Audio poster|Auspicious clouds, lotuses, wings... "mixed" elements tell the story of cultural blending

["Cultural Relics Can Talk" Audio Poster Series]

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"A man is sitting in the clouds, wearing cloud shoulders, a necklace on his neck, and two pairs of full and powerful wings behind his back... It sounds like this is a character from mythology, and he has always been 'living' on this stone carving of mine. . Why do auspicious clouds, lotuses, and wings from different nations and cultures mix together so harmoniously? Don’t forget, my ‘birthplace’ Quanzhou has witnessed the culture brought about by the ‘Maritime Silk Road’ Prosperity and integration also demonstrate the innovation and tolerance of traditional Chinese culture."

——A narrative from the stone carvings of the four-winged angels of Yuan Dynasty Nestorianism

Introduction to cultural relics:

  Cultural relics of the Yuan Dynasty. 53.5 cm long and 51 cm wide. It is in the shape of a pointed arch, with a hollow under the pointed arch. There is a relief sculpture on the stele's surface, a male angel sitting on his back. The angel is draped with clouds and wearing a wide-sleeved robe. He holds a blooming lotus in front of his belly with both hands. The flower supports a cross. Behind his shoulders There are streamers behind the two pairs of unfolded wings, sitting in the clouds. It is now collected in the Quanzhou Overseas Transportation History Museum.


Zhang Ning


Li Zhengwei


Kong Fanxin, Li Fei


Du Dan

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Acknowledgments: Quanzhou Municipal Cultural Relics Bureau