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The pace of targeting of American forces deployed in the Middle East has increased since the start of the "Al-Aqsa Flood" battle on the seventh of last October, but the most prominent and dangerous attack occurred on an American military base in Jordan yesterday, Sunday.

3 American soldiers were killed and 34 others were injured in that attack, which is the first time that American soldiers have been killed since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, which sparked interaction on social media sites.

Since the beginning of the "Al-Aqsa Flood", American forces deployed in the Middle East region have been subjected to about 158 ​​military attacks, including bases in Syria, such as the Koniko and Rmelan bases, and others in Iraq, such as the Ain al-Assad base and the headquarters of the American forces at Erbil Airport.

The American CNN network said that the attack on the military base in Jordan was carried out by a large drone that was launched from Syrian territory and targeted the American military base, “Tower 22.”

This American base is located in northeastern Jordan, specifically along the border strip with Syria, and is 10 kilometers away from the border with Iraq. It is also about 22 kilometers away from the American Al-Tanf base in Syria, and includes 350 American soldiers from the ground and air forces.

Interact and celebrate

The Shabakat program (1/29/2024) monitored some of the interaction of tweeters with this unprecedented development since the beginning of the war, including what Hazem Zahran wrote: “It is not far (not far) that Israel is behind the incident to implicate America and plant it with it in the mud that has become unbearable.” She is able to deal with it and free herself.”

While Shaheen tweeted, “If America expects that it is safe in any region, it is delusional, especially after its positions and support for the Zionist entity, denying the massacres of the people of Gaza, and simply denying genocide.”

As for Abdel Majid, he believes that “any targeting directly against the Zionist-American entity or its interests in the Red Sea or anywhere is a heroic act, and it is the least that can be done to support Gaza, which is subjected to a war of extermination by the Zionist entity and America.”

Abdel Rahim said, "All of this is for the sake of the Zionist entity, because the survival of hegemony depends on the survival of this entity and America defends it at the expense of its strategic interests and the lives of its soldiers, and it has not been able to tell it enough killing and crime for more than 100 days."

The Washington Post newspaper quoted a military official in the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claiming responsibility for the attack and confirming that all American interests in the region are legitimate targets for its attacks, as long as America continues to support Israel.

US President Joe Biden pointed the finger directly at Iran, stressing the intention to respond, while Tehran denied its connection to the attack and considered the American accusations false, and that “resistance forces in the region do not receive orders from Iran.”

It is noteworthy that the American Tower 22 base was not the only one that the Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced its targeting yesterday, Sunday. It announced the targeting of 4 other American military bases, 3 of which are in Syria and one northwest of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea, which is the “Zevulun” naval facility.

Source: Al Jazeera