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Albino ball python (symbolic image)

Photo: Arne Dedert/dpa

A lifeless, 3.60 meter long constrictor snake was found in Frankenberg, Saxony. The Frankenberg Saxony animal protection association announced this on Facebook. The police alerted the club after the animal was found at a riding arena in the Langenstriegis district on Monday evening.

»It is a light-colored ball python. “Unfortunately, there was nothing more we could do,” an animal rights activist told the Bild newspaper. It is still unclear how the animal died. It had injuries. One possibility, according to the report, is that the snake was abandoned and left to fend for itself. It is also conceivable that the animal died at home and the carcass was disposed of.

The animal protection association is now asking for information about the animal's owner. According to the regional daily newspaper “Freie Presse”, the police are investigating suspected violations of the Animal Protection Act.