China News Service, Guangzhou, January 29th: Title: EMU "blood tester": During the Spring Festival travel period, at least more than 100 oils were tested every day

  Author Guo Junlong Kunpeng

  At 10 a.m. on the 28th, in the metrology laboratory of the Guangzhou EMU section of Guangzhou Railway Group, accompanied by a low roar, a laboratory equipment ran faster and the clear EMU gearbox oil in the equipment slowly swayed. A staff member wearing a white coat and blue gloves stared at the data on the equipment display and breathed a sigh of relief, "The kinematic viscosity at 100°C meets the standard, and the oil condition is normal."

  This staff member, who has a very different image from the usual railway employees, is Deng Xiang, a laboratory technician in the metrology laboratory, who is responsible for testing the oil in high-speed rail gear boxes and transformers. These oils mainly play a role in lubrication, cooling and insulation, just like human blood. If there is a problem, it will affect health and safety.

Laboratory technicians at the metrology laboratory of the Guangzhou high-speed train section are testing oil. Photo by Bu Longhai

  After checking the kinematic viscosity, Deng Xiang picked up the gearbox oil and checked it. The oil became more and more translucent under the light. He squinted and repeatedly checked the oil sample to see if there were any debris. Then take out the syringe and carefully "probe" into the bottle to absorb the soluble gas that was separated just after the experiment to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data.

  "The oil of the EMU is like the 'blood' of the EMU. We are like doing a 'blood test' for the EMU. We must carefully check whether the metal content, purity, acid value and other conditions of the oil are normal. It's not even close. "Laboratory team leader Yang Pengchao took the oil sample and put it into the spectrum detector for testing. The green arc produced by the detector electrode discharge quickly causes the oil to boil. He stared at the oil intently, and adjusted the instrument flexibly with both hands. In just 2 minutes, a spectrum test result of the gearbox oil came out, and the test result was qualified.

  "This year's Spring Festival, our unit has a total of 539 sets of EMUs running online, 100 more than usual, and the workload has increased significantly. We check at least 100 gearbox oils and 15 transformer oils every day." Yang Pengchao took off his glasses and rubbed his hands. My eyes were bloodshot after looking directly at the light source for a long time, so I habitually took out eye drops and put two drops into my eyes.

  In order to ensure the safe operation of high-speed trains, the task of oil detection is very heavy. Sometimes, because the EMU needs to go online urgently, the metrology laboratory often receives temporary inspection tasks.

  At 16:00 that day, Yang Pengchao and his colleagues received an urgent task: a new set of vehicles will come online tomorrow morning. Normally, it takes 20 hours to complete the oil testing of a group of vehicles. Now there are less than 15 hours. The time is very tight, and everyone gets busy immediately.

  "Li Linggang and Deng Xiang are responsible for testing the gearbox oil. Zhou Lizhang and I are responsible for testing the transformer oil. Everyone should stay focused and avoid making trouble while busy." Yang Pengchao commanded.

  "The average value is 71.5kV and the coefficient of variation is 0.049. There is no problem with the insulation of this transformer oil." In front of the test bench, Zhou Lizhang used a syringe to absorb the oil and slowly injected it into the hue detector. Looking at the data results, Zhou Lizhang judged the quality of the oil sample. qualified.

  "Chemical reagents are slightly toxic and should not be in contact with the human body for a long time. The air here is usually stuffy, but we cannot take off our masks and gloves, and our hands are often wrinkled with sweat."

  At 23 o'clock, the indoor lights were brightly lit and the air was filled with the smell of oil. Everyone rushed nervously and orderly among the various testing instruments. Oil samples were sent to various equipment one after another, and the test results were obtained one after another.

  At 2 a.m. on the 29th, the oil sample inspection of the entire EMU was completed. Everyone took off their white coats and rubbed their sore necks and arms. (over)