Solène Delinger 11:57 a.m., January 29, 2024

Saturday January 27, Héléna was eliminated from the “Star Academy” in the semi-final against her comrade Pierre. The young woman reacted to her elimination the day after the prime via a message shared on her Instagram account.

Héléna still can't believe it... At only 21 years old, the young woman, who had never taken singing lessons, managed to reach the semi-final of the

Star Academy. 

Saturday evening, Héléna once again pushed her vocal limits to win her place in the final alongside Julien, who qualified the previous week. But viewers praised the grain of his voice and the charisma of his opponent Pierre.

“I can’t wait to create new memories with you”

It doesn't matter for the academic, who considers that she has already won everything: self-confidence, ease on stage, the determination to always go further and the desire to believe in her dreams. The day after her elimination, the Belgian shared a very reassuring message on her Instagram account. Yes, everything has been going well for her since she left Dammarie-les-Lys. And it's her audience that she wants to thank: "Oh wow. What a surprise, I don't even have the words. I can't thank you enough for all the love you've given me so far", a- she writes in her story. “What an adventure! I’m coming out of this experience with a head full of memories and I can’t wait to create new ones with you. See you soon,” added the young woman. 


“I was not invited”: a former candidate for The Voice disappointed to have been snubbed by the Star Academy

During the semi-final, the

Star Ac 

teachers recalled Héléna's incredible evolution since her arrival at the castle. At the time, the young woman, used to singing in her room, did not take responsibility and performed with her head down, her face closed. After hours of stage expression lessons with Cécile Chaduteau, the academician finally opened up. Her duet with singer Loreen on


marked a turning point in her adventure: for the very first time, Héléna showed her emotions.

Proud of her journey, the young woman now has a whole story to write with her audience. And her teacher Marlène Schaff will be there to accompany her: “My dear Héléna, may your journey be long! I will obviously be there, on your path, you will only have to extend your hand,” she told her. written on Instagram. A beautiful statement.