TEPCO held a briefing session in Kariwa Village, Niigata Prefecture, in response to the Nuclear Regulation Authority's lifting of the de facto order prohibiting the operation of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant in Niigata Prefecture, which has been plagued by a series of anti-terrorism problems. . Participants asked questions about evacuation measures in the wake of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

Last month, the Nuclear Regulation Authority lifted the de facto operational ban on the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant, saying that an inspection confirmed that the plant was in a state where autonomous improvements could be expected.

In response to this, TEPCO held an information session for residents in Kariwa Village on the 28th, and approximately 70 people attended.

During the meeting, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant Director Takeyuki Inagaki explained measures to prevent unauthorized access to the premises and premises of the nuclear power plant.

In response to a question from a participant, ``Does the fact that the standards of the regulatory commission have been cleared mean that no accidents will occur?'' TEPCO answered, ``We understand that unexpected things can happen, and that accidents do not occur.'' "We are making multiple preparations for the event that evacuation becomes necessary."

Another participant asked how they were thinking about evacuation in the event of a nuclear power plant accident, taking into account road damage caused by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. I want to continue to do so.''

A woman who participated said, ``I'm surprised that there was an earthquake after the regulatory agency lifted the ban.They say there are no major troubles at the nuclear power plant, but I don't feel completely relieved because information is coming out sparsely.I want them to explain it properly.'' I was there.

The information session will be held in Kashiwazaki City on the 30th, and will be held in Niigata City, Nagaoka City, and Joetsu City in the future.