China News Service, Haikou, January 26 (Reporter Fu Yuqun) Coastal beaches are crowded with tourists, hotel orders continue to rise, and airport terminals are crowded... In winter on Hainan Island, the popularity of "cold escape travel" continues to rise.

  According to news from Haikou Meilan International Airport on the 26th, the airport has maintained a single-day passenger flow of more than 90,000 passengers for 10 consecutive days. On January 25, the passenger flow exceeded 100,000 for the first time.

  The Qiongzhou Strait ferry is equally busy. On the 26th, reporters saw self-driving vehicles lining up to enter the island at the Haikou Xinhai Ro-Ro Terminal Passenger Transport Comprehensive Hub Station. Huang Haicheng, a tourist from Guizhou, said that he took his family to check in on the Hainan Island Tourist Highway before the Spring Festival. He planned to spend a week around the island to experience Hainan's sunny beaches, special food and cultural customs.

  A large number of tourists are pouring into Hainan, and the tourism industry is rushing to introduce new tourism products to welcome tourists.

  Chen Qicheng, general manager of Haikou 517 Cycling Station, said that the "Hainan Island Cycling Thousand Kilometer Challenge" launched by the station has been very popular among cyclists. Along the way, you can see the windmill coast, admire the coconut grove scenery and enjoy pastoral songs. In recent times, the station has received more than 20 cycling groups every day at its peak, and the team leaders are in short supply.

  Su Hua, operations director of Sichuan Lvfa Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company plans to launch 23 smart stations along the Hainan Island Tourist Highway before the Spring Festival this year. In addition to having basic toilet functions, it can also implement tea baking, cultural tourism and intangible cultural heritage, etc. Diversified consumption new formats, "In the future, the smart station will also add the Yuanverse digital section to interact with tourists through check-in and check-in through technologies such as the Internet of Things and AI to enhance the tourist experience."

  Liao Hualin, general manager of Wenchang Chang'e Benyue Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said that Wenchang's aerospace tourism is very popular. Currently, the company is jointly developing aerospace construction tourism products with Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Center and plans to invest in the construction of aerospace tourism supporting facilities to further increase the number of tourists.

  "The Spring Festival is approaching, and we have launched a new project "The Legend of Monkey Island" canopy viewing, hoping to enrich the 'monkey' cultural content of the scenic spot." Xing Fuhai, deputy director of brand operations of Nanwan Monkey Island Ecological Tourism Zone, said that the scenic spot is constantly developing new projects. At present, there are tourism products integrating five major tourist themes and more than 30 ways to play.

  However, some people in the industry believe that Hainan should also speed up the "new innovation" speed, speed up the improvement of relevant tourism formats, and enrich the tourist experience.

  According to Yang Tong, a member of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the current supporting facilities along the Hainan Island Tourist Highway are imperfect, and the surrounding village attractions, cultural facilities and the highway are not smoothly connected. Therefore, she put forward suggestions at the Hainan Two Sessions held here, hoping to scientifically plan the highway tourism product system, strengthen the planning and construction of highway tourist attractions, and attract more social capital to participate in development and construction.

  Xie Xiangxiang, an associate professor at the School of International Tourism and Public Administration of Hainan University, believed in an interview that Hainan still needs to work hard on tourist attractions, tourism products and public service systems, and "accelerate" actions in three key areas, that is, speed up the construction of explosive Effective flagship tourism projects, such as the overall product planning of the round-island tourism highway, the expansion of Dongpo cultural theme tourism venues, the construction of Wenchang Aerospace Theme Park, etc.; accelerate the development of new business systems integrating culture and tourism, focusing on the systematic planning of study tourism and ecological Tourism: Accelerate the improvement of the cultural and tourism public service system around the island's high-speed transportation network, the island's tourist highway, and the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park tourist belt. (over)