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Updated Thursday, January 18, 2024-9:34 pm

  • LOC TVE's questioned commitment to the enigmatic presenter Jordi González

  • Anne Igartiburu: from winning 300,000 euros for her 'Hello, hearts' to participating in 'Your face sounds familiar to me'

This Saturday, after 27 years on screen,


- La 1's social chronicle program - will be completely renewed.

In less than 24 hours, in studio one of Spanish Television,


will be renamed

D Corazón

and will begin a new live stage, with a duration of 90 minutes and two presenters.

As a great novelty,

Anne Igartiburu

(54), who has led the program since 1997, will no longer be alone and, next to her, will be the well-known

Jordi González

(61), who began her career, precisely, in the same chain.

After the news broke, many media outlets and Twitter users began to wonder the reason behind the peculiar change.

And, during the last few months,

the audiences benefited the Igartiburu program


For example, on December 3,


averaged an 8.2%


, bringing together almost 650,000 people in front of the television.

So, why has the public chain decided to give a radical twist to a successfully proven formula?

According to

Ana María Bordas

, director of RTVE Originals,

the space needed a "new air"




TVE's questioned commitment to the enigmatic presenter Jordi González


TVE's questioned commitment to the enigmatic presenter Jordi González

"This is an important program for us, because it comes right before the


. And we were thinking about the idea of ​​having more live broadcasts on the weekend and, in the end, we had the opportunity to work on this new format, expanding


. On the other hand,

we also wanted to give it a new look and decided to look for another presenter

. We started to think about someone who had the level that

Anne has and

Jordi González

came to mind

, who has many live shows in his body," he commented on the press conference to present the new


, to which more than 30 journalists came out of curiosity... Or out of curiosity.

We wanted to give a new look to


and decided to look for another presenter

Ana María Bordás, director of RTVE Originals

When it was leaked that


would accompany


some rumors were born.

The viperous tongues said that


could not tolerate


, that they did not get along well and that the Catalan had no intention of working on their relationship.

What's more, the presenter gave an interview in which he said

"I haven't spoken to Anne in 17 years"


However, today and a few hours after the premiere,

González says that the story is different


"It's not that he has "stopped talking" with the woman from Biscay... But that he

had never spoken to her

, except on one occasion, almost two decades ago."

In fact, that is the reason why - a couple of days ago - the producers of

D corazón

asked them to eat together.

According to their story,

their first meeting was in the RTVE cafeteria

, where they chatted in a pleasant way and began to cultivate a relationship that they hope will be fruitful.

"Jordi and I don't know each other. But

any TV professional who wants to work would say 'I want to be with this man

, because he is a great professional'. So we are going to look at each other and we are going to learn from each other," commented


, in a very formal manner.

I had never spoken to Anne, except on one occasion two decades ago

Jordi González, presenter

Likewise, González responded with the same education and correction.

"If they told me 'tell me the name of a Spanish Television presenter who is impeccable', I would think of Anne. I always say it.

I admire her work

. Even when I was working on another network, I saw


on Las Campanadas, at the request of my friends. So I am happy, because I feel that I am in good hands.

What I don't know, I will ask and what I can contribute, I will be happy to do so

," said the communicator.

Anne Igartiburu also highlighted that the program is made by the same


team , "no matter what happens we have always been there, we have done a very good social chronicle, on public television, to inform and entertain, and now we are also going to give it our all, we are really looking forward to it."

On the other hand,

Eva Hernández

- the director of the program - also expressed feeling "satisfied" with the incorporation of


and the alliance that he is forming with



"We are very excited.

The social chronicle does not stop on Spanish Television!

We think that this is a format that works and we want to promote it with good vibes.

We know that the world is turbulent, but we can also relax with a fresh and fun program

. We are happy Because everyone has told us yes. When we started calling collaborators we didn't even have the name of the program and everyone told us 'yes, we want to be there,'" he said.

And who will sit next to the brand new television duo?

Among the collaborators are the legendary

Rosa Villacastín , the director of




Jorge Borrajo

, the Sevillian

María Bernal

, the editor of

Diez Minutos


Susana Jurado

, the journalist of



Ángela Mora


Josemi Rodríguez Sieiro

-who stands out in

Más of one

, from Onda Cero-, the always controversial

Alba Carrillo

, the remembered


reporter ,

Omar Suárez

, the


and stylist

Pelayo Díaz

, the


Carmen Lomana

, the expert on real houses

Eduardo Álvarez


Andrea Rosa del Pino

, who writes These lines.

Carmen Lomana

pointed out during a press conference with some tension that "RTVE is a benchmark."

"We are going to make people dream, with some great presenters and wonderful collaborators, it has to come out well by force."

Pelayo Díaz

will talk about fashion and trends

"and what I don't know, which is what I like to give my opinion the most

. It's about informing, seeing what people ask for and having fun."

And for

Omar Suárez

it is very exciting "to be in a program that is a legend and with Anne, who is also a legend. I am going to provide that direct contact that I have with the characters of the social chronicle."

And the fact is that a large part of the collaborators already know each other and usually meet at the various parties that Madrid nightlife offers.

However, most have never worked in the same place and some even declare that their relationships are not at their best.

For example, in the middle of the press conference, Lomana revealed that

"one of the journalists can't even see me"


Jordi González

revealed that

Alba Carrillo

eliminated him from social networks for telling him that he had "very thin skin."

"She thought that she was criticizing her skin and that's why she decided to remove me from her friends," confessed the Barcelonan.

Despite this,

both Carmen and the presenter are willing to make peace

with their former detractors.