The picture shows the winter fishing season, tourists watch traditional ceremonies such as sacrificing the lake and waking up the net. Photo by Ma Chuanyi

Chifeng, January 1 (Aolan Shi Zilong) On the 13th, the 13 Inner Mongolia Dali Lake Winter Fishing Tourism Season of "Promoting Northern Xinjiang Culture and Igniting the Passion for Ice and Snow" kicked off on Dali Lake in Keshiketeng Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On that day, the temperature at Dali Lake was as low as -20°C, but the atmosphere on the lake was noisy and warm. Tourists from all over the world and local people dressed in ethnic costumes went to the event to immerse themselves in the fishing and hunting festival.

The scene was full of joy and fish, and there was a bumper harvest scene everywhere. Sacrifice the lake, wake up the net, break the ice, and lower the net...... After a series of traditional ceremonies, the head of the fish leads the fishermen to sing the trumpet in unison and pull the nets in their hands. The fish were alive and fluttering, glowing with silver, and came to the surface.

"Fishing should pay attention to catching the big and letting go of the small, only catch one net of fish a day, and never overfish. Feng Junjie, general manager of Dali Lake Fishery Co., Ltd., said that the annual catch of the fishery was 100 million catties in the past, and in recent years, the local area has increased ecological protection and scientific fishing. "This year's fishing task is only 38,<> catties, although the amount is less, but the quality of the fish is much better than before. ”

The picture shows the Dali Lake Chinese fish caught in winter. Photo by Ma Chuan

Dari Lake, also known as Dalinor Lake, is a typical highland inland lake. The Chinese fish and crucian carp here are registered products for the protection of geographical indications of national agricultural products. The winter fishing culture of Dali Lake has been practiced in the local area for thousands of years. In 2011, the winter fishing custom of Dali Lake was included in the third batch of intangible cultural heritage list of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

"It's so cool! The scene is so grand! It's so spectacular!" Ruyi, a tourist from Hohhot, was very excited to participate in the Winter Fishing Festival for the first time. "Especially the scene where the fish comes out, it's steaming. ”

The picture shows the auction site of the "head net fish" in the winter fishing season. Photo by Ma Chuan

During this season, in addition to the traditional winter fishing activities, there are also local activities such as the auction of head net fish, the silver camel festival, the ice and snow off-road vehicle show, and the display of photographic works.

"Tourists from all over the country can participate in a variety of experience programs and experience a different kind of folk culture. Wang Zhijun, deputy director of the Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Chifeng Keshiketengqi, said in an interview that the local government hopes to deeply integrate ice and snow with culture, folk customs and sports, so that tourists can feel a different "snow and fish" journey in the ice and snow, and also transform the local ice and snow "cold resources" into tourism "hot economy".

It is understood that since the first session of the Dali Lake Winter Fishing Tourism Season was launched in 2007, it has been held for 16 sessions, attracting more than 100 million tourists and photography enthusiasts from all over the country, and the comprehensive tourism income has exceeded 10 billion yuan. (ENDS)