According to the expert, in the coming working week in the capital and the Moscow region, the weather is expected with slight frosts at night, and in the daytime - the temperature will stay around zero.

"On Monday in Moscow -2 ... -4 ° C, at night about -3 ... -5 ° C. Cloudy, there will be light snow. Ice will not leave us, and the wind will blow south-southwest 6-11 m/s. On Tuesday we expect some wind speed and temperature increase. In Moscow during the day -1 ... +1 ° C, at night -2 ... -4 ° C. It will also snow, but in the form of wet snow. The wind will increase to 10-15 m/s. In some places a blizzard will rise, black ice will also not go anywhere," Ilyin said.

The forecaster added that on Wednesday the wind will subside to 4-9 m/s.

"In Moscow on Wednesday, the maximum temperature during the day will be at the level of +1 ° C. At night, the temperature is about zero. Cloudy with light precipitation in a mixed phase. On Thursday, temperatures will drop slightly. In the capital, the daytime temperature is about -1 ° C. That is, the temperature will go over zero to negative values, which will significantly aggravate the situation on the roads. At the end of the week, from -2 ... +3 °C with light precipitation in a mixed phase," the RT interlocutor said.

He also warned of an increase in atmospheric pressure next week.

"Atmospheric pressure will rise until Thursday. If on Monday it was around 731 mmHg, then by Thursday the pressure will rise to 746 mmHg. And then it will begin to fall quite quickly," Ilyin concluded.

Earlier, the head of the Meteo forecasting center, Alexander Shuvalov, spoke about weather anomalies in Russia.