Solène Delinger 14:58 p.m., December 18, 2023

Michaël Goldman was particularly firm in his face to Candice during the debrief of the prime of the "Star Academy", broadcast on Sunday, September 17 on TF1. On Friday night, the young woman, who was ill, missed her performance on Jenifer's "Give Me Time." A lack of professionalism according to the director of the class.

Candice couldn't convince her teachers on Friday night during the prime. The young woman, who suffers from angina, had a lot of trouble singing Jenifer's hit Donne-moi le temps as she should. Overwhelmed by stress, the academician also forgot part of the lyrics of the song, and handed her microphone to the audience to help her... A lack of professionalism according to Michaël Goldman who was very firm with Candice during the debriefing of the prime.

"I still wish you hadn't messed up on the text"

"I'm telling you honestly, I'm frustrated," the director began, explaining that he took into account "all the circumstances" that worked against him. "You were sick, stressed, in the middle of the audience (editor's note: Candice was seated in the middle of the audience)... But I still wish you hadn't messed up on the text," Goldman said. Despite her poor performance, Candice was saved by the viewers and will be taking part in the big Star Ac tour. Her teachers are waiting for her to pull herself together and catch up with her classmates, whose level has continued to increase since the beginning of the adventure.

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"Sick, not sick, you have to send sound"

For Cécile Chaduteau, the stage expression teacher, forgetting words is prohibitive at this stage of the adventure. "We understand the frustration. When you're sick, it's very complicated," she first told Candice, before adding, more firmly: "Sick, not sick, when you have people who have paid for tickets, you have to be able to send sound. We have to be able to remember the lyrics." A necessary tune-up...