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An 83-year-old man made a U-turn on the A2023 in August 96, drove in the wrong direction and died in the accident

Photo: Nikolas Schäfers / dpa

Again and again, there are dangerous accidents involving wrong-way drivers. But what do you do if a vehicle suddenly comes towards you on the motorway?

The most obvious thing to do in this situation is to call the police immediately by calling 110 with information about your own position, explains the Auto Club Europe (ACE). Under no circumstances should you try to stop a wrong-way driver on your own.

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The latter applies in particular to all those who already know from traffic radio, for example, about a wrong-way vehicle driving on the section of the route on which they themselves are travelling.

According to the ACE, in order to prepare for a possible encounter, the following seven points should be taken to heart:

  • Turn on the radio and traffic or leave it on.

  • Keep calm, reduce your speed in a controlled manner and switch on your hazard warning lights.

  • Drive on the edge of the rightmost lane.

  • Keep an eye on the hard shoulder to avoid in an emergency.

  • Do not overtake other vehicles under any circumstances.

  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

  • Exit the motorway at the nearest car park, service area or exit.

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