The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has re-arrested two YouTubers who were arrested for posting lies on Internet bulletin boards and inciting them to bring methamphetamine, on suspicion of wrongfully detaining a man in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, on the pretense of possessing methamphetamine. Both have denied the charges.

The two people who were re-arrested were Ren Konno (30), aka Ren Nakajima, and Rojo Okumura (28), who ran "Guts CH" on the video posting site YouTube.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, in September, a man who was in the corridor of Kanamachi Station in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo, was accused of possessing stimulants, and he is suspected of grabbing his clothes and arms and unjustly detaining him, saying, "Let's go to the police box."

It is believed that the suspect Konno had called the Metropolitan Police Department just before this incident, saying, "I want you to come because there is a deal of stimulants."

It means that the man did not have stimulants.

The two had been arrested in November on suspicion of inciting a violation of the Stimulant Control Act by posting a lie on an Internet bulletin board for the purpose of filming a video of a person in possession of illegal drugs and inciting them to bring methamphetamine.

In response to the investigation, both have denied the charges.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the incident.