In October, an 10-year-old suspect was re-arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and other charges for allegedly opening fire at a hospital in neighboring Toda City about an hour before the incident. He has denied some of the charges.

The re-arrested suspect is Tsuneo Suzuki (87) of Toda City, Saitama Prefecture.

According to the police, on October 10, he fired a handgun at a hospital from the street in Toda City, attempting to kill three people, including a doctor and a patient, who were in the examination room, and is suspected of attempted murder.

Bullet fragments and broken glass hit the doctor and the patient, causing injuries that took three weeks to recover.

He did not know the three people, and in response to the investigation, he said, "I was angry at the hospital's response and shot with a handgun.

The suspect was arrested about an hour later on suspicion of attempted murder and other charges for holding two female employees hostage at a post office in Warabi City, and for firing two pistols at a police officer who rushed to the scene.

The suspect has also admitted to involvement in the fire that burned down his apartment, and the police are investigating the motive of the series of incidents further.