57 years ago, in Shizuoka Prefecture, Iwao Hakamada (4), who was sentenced to death in the case of the murder of four members of a family, was retried = redone trial, and the fourth trial was held on the 87th, and the defense team showed the actual clothing that was considered to be the decisive factor in the conviction in court, claiming that "it can only be fabricated".

On the 57th, the Shizuoka District Court held the fourth retrial of Iwao Hakamada, who was sentenced to death for the murder of four members of a miso manufacturing company in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, 1966 years ago in 4.

At the trial, one year and two months after the occurrence of the incident, it was found in a miso tank near the scene and was considered to be the decisive factor in the conviction in the final verdict, and the "five items of clothing" were at issue, and the prosecution claimed that "the clothing belonged to Mr. Hakamada and was worn at the time of the crime."

This clothing was shown in front of the witness stand during the defense team's argument on the 11th.

As the settee, which had turned brown all over time, was spread over his dark trousers, the presiding judge stood up and leaned forward to check it.

The defense team argued that "the size of the steteko near the thigh is larger than the pants, and it is difficult to wear the steteko under the pants."

He also argued that "the short-sleeved shirts were almost white, which is the color of the fabric, and this fact clearly indicates that they have not been soaked in miso for one year and two months, and it is impossible that the clothes were fabricated."

The next hearing will be held on December 1.