At the Inokashira Nature and Culture Park in Musashino City, Tokyo, it was found that 11 Japanese squirrels had died by the 31th after multiple chemicals were used to control parasites.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, on the 4th of this month, mites were found on the surface of the body of Japanese squirrels in captivity at the Inokashira Nature and Culture Park in Musashino City, so the zoo sprayed insecticides on 100 of the more than 40 squirrels after applying two types of chemicals to kill parasites.

After this, the squirrels died one after another, and by the 2th, a total of 11 squirrels had died.

Although there has been a track record of using drugs in the past, this is the first time that multiple drugs have been used at the same time.

The zoo believes that the squirrel may have died from drug poisoning, so it sends a sample to an external research institute to investigate the cause.

The person in charge of Inokashira Nature and Culture Park commented, "We are currently investigating the cause of death and monitoring the surviving squirrels, and we sincerely apologize for any concern this may have caused."