Sébastien Bordenave / Photo credits: JOEL SAGET / AFP 09:32 a.m., December 11, 2023, modified at 09:37 a.m., December 11, 2023

Glénat Editions has just released "The Winnie the Pooh Anthology" in bookstores. This is an opportunity for readers to rediscover the famous teddy bear as the holidays approach. The 350 pages of the book reveal the origins of the famous character who accompanied many children around the world.

The most famous teddy bear gets his anthology. The Winnie the Pooh anthology is now available in bookstores from Glénat Editions. This is an opportunity for readers to reconnect with the most famous honey lover. The warm colours of Winnie the Pooh, his round head, his good-natured smile, the hopping Tigger, the candid Piglet and the neurasthenic and sympathetic Eeyore are to be found in the 350 pages of the book.

Although the bear went down in history under the Disney banner, it was first published as poetic short stories in the London Evening News in 1925. Winnie was born in the mind of Alan Alexander Mine who was inspired by his own son's love for a real bear cub they went to see together at London Zoo. The animal had been rescued from the hands of a Canadian trapper by a veterinarian in the city of Winnipeg who gave the cub its name.

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A unique universe

Today, the magic of Winnie still works. In the pages of the anthology, readers will be able to find the unique atmosphere of the work. Like when Winnie confides to Eeyore that "every night I have the same dream, a door with a word written on it, I push that door open, but it doesn't open". Eeyore then asks, "What's the word marked?", "Shoot", replies the teddy bear.