Solène Delinger 15:11 p.m., December 11, 2023

Jade and Joy Hallyday gave their very first television interview on Sunday, December 10 for TF1's "Sept à huit" program. In front of Audrey Crespo-Mara, the two teenagers aged 15 and 19 explained that they were victims of racism and cyberbullying.

Jade and Joy Hallyday had so far kept a low profile... Six years after the death of their father Johnny, the teenagers agreed to expose themselves by giving their very first television interview to Audrey Crespo-Mara for the show Sept à huit, broadcast on TF1.

Joy says she's been called an 'Asian prostitute' before

In front of the journalist, the Taulier's daughters spoke at length about the battle for inheritance that tore apart the Hallyday clan after Johnny's death. The teens said they felt "betrayed" and "abandoned" by David and Laura, who reportedly did not hear from them after their father's funeral in St. Barths. "They said horrible things about our mother, lies. They created stories about us and our mother, very painful things that come from our own family," the two young women said.

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During their interview, Jade and Joy Hallyday also opened up about their daily lives and their relationship with social media. Teenage girls, originally from Vietnam, are unfortunately the target of "racist comments" such as "Bowl of rice" or "Go back to your country". "I've been called an Asian prostitute before," Joy said.

"It's hurtful to say we're not their real daughters"

Johnny and Laeticia's daughters have even received death threats. "Of course it's hurtful when you read them, but our parents taught us to ignore them," they told Audrey Crespo-Mara. At the heart of the criticism: the adoption of Jade and Joy. "It's very hurtful to say we're not their real daughters. They raised us... They're our parents!" they said indignantly, before concluding: "Just because we don't have the same blood doesn't mean we're not their daughters."