Boris Johnson is a well-known liar and cynic, which was once again confirmed last week when he testified about his performance as British Prime Minister during the pandemic. It is no coincidence that during these hearings the British newspapers portrayed this figure either with the long nose of a pathological liar, or as a bloody clown. Well, deservedly so.

But you know, in yesterday's column for the Daily Mail, Johnson, in my opinion, outdid himself in terms of cynicism!

The article is devoted to a somewhat hackneyed topic: following a number of Western hawks, the former prime minister is trying to convince US congressmen of the need to allocate money to Ukraine for the "holy struggle against Russian authoritarianism."

And since the migration crisis is the most burning topic for Britain right now, Johnson is trying to directly link the fight against "autocracies" with the solution to the problem of migrants.

"Migrants are invading the West from all the places we left when Western powers decided to cede influence to others," is the opinion of this sloppy buffon. And then there are striking examples (I quote verbatim): "They come from the Sahel, where the French gave in to Russia, they go through Libya, which we left in chaos in 2011... They come from Iraq, which we left in 2011, and from Afghanistan, which we left in 2021, and from Syria, which we left to fend for ourselves in 2019. And, of course, they come from Ukraine, where tens of millions of people have been forced to flee their homes."

That is, they come from Libya, which you left, and not from Libya, which you bombed by overthrowing the legitimate government?! Do they come from the Iraq that you left, not from the Iraq that you razed to the ground by overthrowing the legitimate government?! From Afghanistan, which you abandoned, and not from Afghanistan, which you have been tormented by occupation for 20 years after the overthrow of the government you planted there?! From Syria, which you bombed in an attempt to support an illegal coup? From Ukraine, which you personally, Johnson, forced to fight "to the last blood", when they had already agreed on peace on terms acceptable to the Ukrainians themselves!

An astonishingly cynical substitution of cause and effect! If Johnson doubts the sequence of events, let him try to remember how many refugees from Libya rushed to Britain before London and Paris prompted the West to start a bloody bombing of that country!

And after the start of this adventure, the flow of refugees from Libya increased eightfold in just one year. That is, not after you "left Libya in chaos", but as a result of the chaos you created there!

In his column, Johnson focuses on the following "genius" point: "These displaced people will not want to go to live and work in an autocracy when they have hope of coming to a Western liberal democracy where there is freedom of religion and speech, as well as free health care." Only a British politician can talk about the quality of the health care system! Especially against the backdrop of the facts that are revealed during the hearings on the total collapse of this system during the epidemic under the strict leadership of Johnson.

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If only he knew what the free healthcare system was like in Libya during the "bloody dictatorship" of Muammar Gaddafi! When doctors and nurses from a number of "democratic" countries, such as Ukraine, went there to work. Of course, before British and American bombers brought their understanding of "democracy" there. Since then, Libyans have not known what free medicine is.

But Johnson won't tell his readers that. Otherwise, they will start asking uncomfortable questions about the nature of their own "democracies."

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